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Stage IV Bedsores

Stage IV Bedsores Bedsores are serious wounds caused by sustained pressure.  They usually form over the boney prominences of the body, and are most commonly found on the back, buttocks and heels.  Bedsores are staged from I-IV (1-4) based on the severity and depth of the wound.  Stage 4 represents the worst of these wounds.

Your Rights as a Pedestrian

Your Rights as a Pedestrian Almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents during 2016 (the most recent year for which statistics are available). On average, that’s one pedestrian death every 1.5 hours. About 16% of all traffic-related deaths involve pedestrians.  The most vulnerable pedestrians are children and seniors. About 20% of fatal pedestrian accidents involve

Hand Signals to Use During a Bicycle Ride

Hand Signals to Use During a Bicycle Ride Before you hop on a bike and go for a ride, it is important to learn how to use proper hand signals. The purpose of these important hand gestures is to help you communicate with drivers on the road and, in turn, reduce the risk that you

Handling A Personal Injury Claim Involving A Minor

Managing a Personal Injury Claim for a Child Watching your child endure pain is heartbreaking. This is especially true when there is nothing you can do to ease the pain they are suffering. If your child has been injured do to the negligence of another person you will surely want justice.  The best way to

How to Report A Car Accident to The Police

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, one of the first steps is to call the police. Many people think getting the police involved will complicate things, but the truth is it may make things simpler. Read on to find out when, why, and how you should report a car accident to the police.

Recent Abuse Case in Chicago

Home health aides are tasked with caring for very vulnerable people – folks who typically suffer from cognitive impairments and have little to no short-term memory.  Technology is proving what we could only suspect in the past.  Now, with nanny cams, family members can monitor their loved one when they cannot be there. A recent

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