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Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer PAWhen your loved one is in a nursing home, you expect them to receive the best possible care. Many families choose nursing homes for their elderly loved ones because they have a large amount of healthcare staff that can take care of their needs. Nursing homes also offer a strong sense of community and often include a variety of amenities like a pool or activities center. Unfortunately, there are cases of abuse in some nursing homes. Over 5 million elderly residents suffer abuse each year in the U.S. If you believe that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, you should contact a trusted and experienced PA nursing home neglect lawyer like one at Davis & Brusca, LLC right away so that you can receive legal help. 

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The experienced and highly accomplished firm of Davis & Brusca, LLC has years of experience assisting clients. They have handled cases on a variety of practice areas, such as personal injury and nursing home abuse. They understand the needs of their clients and will aggressively fight for them so that their rights are fiercely protected. 

Contributing Factors of Nursing Home Neglect 

As a nursing home neglect lawyer can explain to you, there are many factors that can cause neglect to occur. These are some of the most common causes that contribute to nursing home abuse and neglect that a lawyer who represents nursing home abuse victims sees. 

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Explore your legal options before it is too late. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect contact a trusted nursing home neglect lawyer like one at Davis & Brusca, LLC. 

Taking Action After Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

A nursing home neglect lawyer PA families rely on during some of their most challenging times should be one of the first calls made in the wake of negligence in nursing homes. Nursing home residents have a right to receive adequate care and uphold standards across the industry. Because nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable people in our population, they are often at risk of succumbing to injuries due to the negligent care provided to them. For families with loved ones in nursing homes, having the ability to identify signs of potential issues will be imperative to ensuring the care and safety of your relatives. Despite this, it’s still possible to suffer harm, and should this occur, Davis & Brusca, LLC can not only provide counsel but also support when victims need it the most. 

Nursing Home Residents Are Vulnerable

The aging U.S. population is particularly vulnerable for several reasons. When people move into a residential care setting like a nursing home, it is often because they no longer have the ability to care for themselves. Some may have physical limitations, medical conditions, or cognitive issues. While some of these ailments may result from natural age progression, they may also be due to injuries that have resulted in lifelong impairments. Because of this, nursing home residents are entirely dependent upon nursing home administration and staff for meeting their basic needs and medical care. Our nursing home neglect lawyer will share that many problems may be present within nursing homes that could lead to a standard of care that is well below the expectation. Many include poor administration, lack of staff, poor pay, and inadequate training. All of these factors contribute to the poor quality of care that residents are at risk of receiving. 

Identify The Signs

One of the first steps toward preventing abuse is to spend ample time researching prospective nursing homes. Visiting nursing homes, meeting staff, and asking questions of the administration is imperative to ensure that you choose a good nursing home. Despite this, it’s important to note that regardless of making every effort to find care for your loved one, it’s still possible for neglect and abuse to occur. Loved ones should visit frequently and be able to recognize signs of abuse that may include:

If any of these signs are observed, taking action as quickly as possible is crucial. Start by addressing potential problems with nursing home staff and administration. If there is no response, the next step should be to search for alternative care options. While problems may be rectified, it’s essential to remember that if your aging loved one has been injured, or is in imminent danger, it might be necessary to ensure they receive immediate medical care and are removed immediately from the facility they are living in. 

What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse 

Every resident in a nursing home should be made to feel safe and secure, but unfortunately there are many cases of nursing home abuse, as a skilled PA nursing home neglect lawyer knows. Finding out that your loved one is a nursing home abuse victim is not easy. It is a difficult and painful thing to discover, and as the victim’s loved one may be at a loss of how to deal with the information. Nursing home residents who experience abuse and neglect can be entitled to recover compensation for what they have gone through, and they should know their rights. If you think that your loved one has been a victim of abuse, It’s important that you know and take the right steps.

Talk to Your Loved One

Your loved one who is the victim of abuse or neglect has the most information to provide for you.Try to talk to them about what they have specifically experienced or seen in the nursing home. They may be reluctant to talk at first, but write down whatever information that they can share with you. 

Gather Evidence

Evidence is crucial if you suspect nursing home abuse. As a PA nursing home neglect lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca, LLC can tell you, common evidence provided for nursing home abuse include video recordings and missing information in medical reports. If you are able to provide an assortment of evidence, the stronger your case will be. If you are unsure if you have evidence that is sufficient, you are encouraged to provide it anyway. 

Take Photos

Unexplained injuries often are often common and often indicate neglect of patients. For instance, bedsores may indicate that a patient is not being regularly repositioned in their bed. A patient must be moved periodically because they can suffer pressure sores or bedsores. Take many photos of injuries that your loved one has on their body, such as bedsores, bruises, scars and cuts. Photographs are especially important if your loved one has injuries on parts of the body that are usually covered by clothing, as a PA nursing home neglect lawyer can explain. 

File a Complaint 

Contact your state’s Department of Health if you believe that your loved one’s nursing home is not providing sufficient care for them. Be prepared to give an account of what your loved one has experienced. Have all your records, evidence, and other requirements ready to include in the complaint. It is important that you notify them right away so that they can conduct an investigation into the nursing home. Follow up with them to find out what your next steps should be. 

Speak with a Lawyer

It can be hard to know what to do if you think your loved one may be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. That is why you should contact a lawyer as soon as you can so that they can immediately assist you and provide legal guidance. They will know how to navigate the nursing home system and are familiar with the laws. Consult with a skilled and reputable PA nursing home neglect lawyer now if you are in need of legal support for a nursing home abuse case. 

What are common nursing home neglect injuries? 

It is a terrible thing to learn that your elderly loved one may possibly be a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, as a PA nursing home neglect lawyer knows. Across the county, many families rely on nursing homes and facilities to provide quality care for their aging loved one. However, there are many cases of abuse that occur to helpless and innocent elderly patients in nursing homes. The signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are not always obvious and easy to find. Common injuries that are often seen in abused and neglected nursing home patients include the following.

How do bedsores develop? 

If a nursing home patient is bedridden or must stay in bed for long periods of time, they need to be moved periodically, otherwise they will develop bedsores. Also known as pressure sores, bedsores occur when the skin rubs against a surface, causing an open wound. If left untreated, the patient can develop an infection, which may turn life-threatening. Bedsores are a sign that a patient is not being repositioned enough times throughout the day, especially if they have multiple bedsores. If you notice that your loved one has a bedsore, take photos of their wounds and save the photos as evidence. 

What are common ways bruises occur? 

Bruises on the abdomen, limbs, or other parts of the body are also common injuries among nursing home abuse and neglect victims. A nursing home patient can suffer bruises if their caregiver or nurse becomes angry and strikes them. The patient may also get bruises because of a fall or if they attempt to reach for objects that are too far from them. If a patient is not checked on periodically by the staff member who has a duty to care for them, they can risk hurting themselves. Bruises on the wrists or arms can also happen if a staff member is not lifting a patient properly.

Can cuts indicate abuse or neglect? 

A nursing home patient may have cuts on their hands, feet, head, or body as a result of improper care. The patient can get cut from mobility devices or other assistive tools like. A staff member may come at the patient and strike them, causing a deep cut or multiple cuts. As a nursing home neglect lawyer knows, staff members are responsible for ensuring that patients are safe, protected and any wounds that they have are tended to. While most cuts are minor injuries, any cut that is not treated immediately can become infected. Elderly patients are more prone to developing infections because minor wounds can quickly turn into serious ones. 

How do fractures develop? 

A fracture can develop in neglected nursing home patients due to accidental falls, slips, or head injuries. Many nursing home patients need hands-on assistance for tasks like getting out of bed, sitting down, walking to a different room and going to the bathroom. It is difficult for many elderly patients to do these tasks on their own, because they are more vulnerable to injury. Even a small fall can result in a fracture because they have fragile bones. It is important to contact an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer if you suspect that your loved one has any injuries that may be signs of neglect or abuse.

It’s important that families not stand by and watch their loved ones suffer nursing home abuse. Victims and their families should take prompt action by holding the responsible parties accountable. Know that it’s possible to receive compensation for the losses experienced. To learn more about the services our nursing home neglect lawyer offers, schedule a risk-free consultation with our team at Davis & Brusca, LLC. 


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