Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

nursing home neglect lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

No one wants to imagine that their senior relative is being mistreated, especially by those who are supposed to be caring for them. But sadly, nursing home abuse and neglect happen more often than people realize. It is important to visit your relative frequently and stay involved in their care. If you notice something doesn’t seem quite right, listen to this feeling and contact our Philadelphia, PA nursing home neglect lawyer as soon as possible. After learning more about the situation and the sign you are noticing, we can advise next steps from there. We can help you safely relocate your loved one if needed and hold the offenders of neglect responsible. Contact Davis & Brusca, LLC for support today. 

General Signs Of Abuse

When visiting your loved one, make sure to observe how they are feeling and their living conditions. Generally, signs of abuse can include bruising, welts, unexplained broken bones, sprains, dislocations, failing to provide medications, restraint marks, broken glasses, and other physical symptoms. Emotionally, a senior resident may start exhibiting odd behavior that is not normal for them, such as mumbling, sucking one’s thumb, rocking back and forth, or mood outbursts. Signs of sexual abuse can entail unexplained STDs, bruising near genitals or breasts, stained or torn underwear, and vaginal or anal bleeding not related to a medical condition. As our dedicated nursing home neglect attorney can investigate, caregiver neglect may show itself in the following ways: 

Financial Exploitation

Elderly people who reside in nursing home facilities may be vulnerable to their finances being exploited. Their sensitive information may be accessible to those with ill-intentions. Signs of financial abuse include unexplained withdrawals from bank accounts, changes in estate plan documents, missing cash from room, names being added to credit cards, ATM withdrawals the senior could not have done themselves, lack of medical care even though they can afford it, and atypical goods, services, or subscriptions the senior would not have signed up for. 

Davis & Brusca, LLC

If you are concerned about how your senior relative is being treated in a nursing home facility, contact our Philadelphia nursing home neglect attorney right away. We can consult with you and investigate further to uncover if mistreatment is happening and how to take action. Sometimes we have suspicions but aren’t sure if they are true. At the very least, you can get peace of mind that your relative is actually okay. But if not, then immediate intervention can occur with our assistance so that your loved one gets placed somewhere safe and the offenders are held accountable. To get help, contact Davis & Brusca, LLC as soon as you can.

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