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If you have observed possible signs of nursing home neglect or abuse, then it’s time to contact a PA bedsore lawyer for immediate assistance. Bedsores, otherwise called pressure sores, develop as painful skin ulcers that can sometimes reach the bone. As gruesome as that sounds, it is a situation that requires urgency and potentially legal intervention as well, since the culprit may be serious neglect. Bedsores are caused by sustained and prolonged pressure on the body when in contact with a surface. These tend to occur in those who struggle with independent mobility. Here we have gone into further detail about bedsores, and why help from a lawyer may be needed. If you are ready to speak with a legal team, don’t hesitate to contact us at Davis & Brusca, LLC

BedSore Stages

At the beginning, pressure sores start to form when the top layer of the skin is impacted. The person may have burning, itching, redness and/or pain at the site. Bed ulcers at this point can heal easily after the pressure on the area has been alleviated. At the next stage, a bedsore goes deeper past the superficial skin layer and becomes an actual wound. There may be pus or blood in the blisters, and can be painful. Once they reach this point, it can take several weeks to heal if treated properly and often. The more serious stage happens when the wound has gone into the fat tissue under the skin layers. The sore may appear as a crate or hole, have a foul smell, and the odds of an infection are common. The skin surrounding the sore may become black if the tissue has died from lack of blood flow. Minor surgery may be required to remove dead tissue, and the patient may have to take antibiotics to combat infection. Lastly, at the very worst, bedsores can get into the muscles or ligaments and become exposed. Bedsores of this depth can be fatal, so emergency medical attention is essential. A PA bedsore lawyer understands that realizing your loved one is suffering from neglect while in a nursing home can be terribly difficult. It is our duty to intervene and come to your relative’s aid, all you have to do is call. We can ensure they get the medical attention they need and then file action against the people who neglected their care. 

Davis & Brusca, LLC

Bedsores are more often than not a result of poor attention and cleaning on behalf of the nursing home staff. If you have seen bed sores on your senior relative, we strongly recommend contacting a PA bedsore lawyer as soon as you can. This should not be a situation that you take lightly, as the health of your loved one could be at risk. They may need treatment and relocation to a safer facility. Then, the offenders who caused your cherished person to suffer should be held legally accountable and financially liable. Please contact Davis & Brusca, LLC for help without delay.

Leveraging Expert Witnesses For Bedsore Claims 

Your PA bedsore lawyer understands the complexities and challenges that come with pursuing a bedsores claim in Pennsylvania. Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, often point to negligence or inadequate care within healthcare facilities. Expert witnesses are essential allies in building a strong case and seeking rightful compensation.

The Significance Of Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are individuals who possess specialized knowledge, training, and experience in relevant fields, particularly in medicine and healthcare. Their expertise empowers them to provide informed opinions and testimony on intricate medical matters. In bedsores claims, expert witnesses serve crucial functions.

Medical Expertise And Assessment 

Expert witnesses, often healthcare professionals specializing in wound care, possess the ability to assess the severity of bedsores, their progression, and the required medical treatment. They can also define whether a healthcare provider or facility breached the standard of care, which is a pivotal aspect of bedsores claims. Your PA bedsore lawyer knows that expert witnesses elucidate the accepted standards and guidelines for preventing, assessing, and treating bedsores within healthcare settings.

Learn More About The Role Of An Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can also establish a direct connection between negligence and the development or exacerbation of bedsores is fundamental in a claim. Expert witnesses are instrumental in illustrating this causal link. During legal proceedings, expert witnesses offer compelling testimony that simplifies intricate medical concepts and terminology, making them accessible to judges and juries. Their testimony significantly aids in comprehending the case.

Having an expert witness in your corner substantially fortifies your bedsores claim. Their professional insights and expertise enhance your argument and lend credibility to allegations of negligence or substandard care.

Roles Of Expert Witnesses In Bedsores Claims

Expert witnesses in bedsores claims assume diverse roles. They meticulously scrutinize medical records, including charts, notes, and treatment plans, unearthing discrepancies and evaluating compliance with the standard of care. Further, relying on their assessments and extensive knowledge, expert witnesses furnish expert opinions, indicating whether negligence or substandard care contributed to bedsores’ development or worsening.

Additionally, expert witnesses frequently generate comprehensive reports that encapsulate their findings and opinions. These reports prove invaluable during negotiations, settlement discussions, and court proceedings. They will collaborate closely with attorneys to craft robust cases and they assist in devising legal strategies, formulating deposition questions, and ensuring effective presentation of all pertinent medical evidence.

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In Pennsylvania, expert witnesses hold the key to substantiating negligence and securing compensation for injuries or the suffering of your loved ones in bedsores claims. Should you find yourself in a bedsores claim, it is imperative to consult with seasoned attorneys who can harness the expertise of qualified expert witnesses to support your case.

At Davis & Brusca, LLC, our legal team boasts a proven track record in successfully handling bedsores claims in Pennsylvania. We collaborate with esteemed expert witnesses to guarantee our clients receive top-tier legal representation. Reach out to us today for a consultation, and let us assist you in pursuing the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. Your well-being and peace of mind are our utmost priorities. Speak with our PA bedsore lawyer now.

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