How can a truck accident lawyer prove my case?

Trucking Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Truck accidents are among the most devastating on our roadways. Many of these collisions involve commercial trucks weighing over 80,000 pounds.  These enormous vehicles dwarf the small, sedan-style cars we all drive around it, and when they hit us the consequences can be horrible. The injuries sustained are often life changing, if not fatal. Sadly, up to 60% of truck accidents are the result of negligence, on part of the driver or truck company. When this is true, the victims may be able to pursue a personal injury claim and seek monetary compensation.

Cases involving commercial trucks are different.  Handling them properly is not something “any” personal injury lawyer can do.  There is a maze of paperwork and regulations.  And the cases themselves tend to be full of unusual circumstances and other issues which will need to be carefully navigated by a skilled lawyer if you hope to get the best results. Yes, you are legally permitted to pursue a case like this on your own, or with “any lawyer”, but the reality is just because you “can” does not mean you “should.”  The smart decision will be to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer, like Davis & Brusca, LLC, for help.

Proving Your Case

Even if you are absolutely sure that the driver of the truck caused the accident, your word is not enough. A truck accident lawyer, working on your behalf, will seek evidence to prove the truck driver and the trucking company were negligent, and that their negligence was the cause of the crash and your injuries.

The specific evidence needed to establish these facts will vary from case to case. A truck accident lawyer will review a wide variety of documents and will likely gather other evidence to back up your contentions.  Examples include:

  • Review of police reports and other physical evidence;
  • Examination of physical or electronic driver’s logs to evaluate the driver’s “hours of service” record to see if it violates the federal regulations;
  • Assessment of delivery receipts and other records to see if they back up or conflict with the driver’s logs;
  • Obtaining company records with regard to training and background investigations, to determine if the company was properly screening drivers;
  • Analyze black box data to see how it compares with the driver’s claims of what happened in the crash event
  • Review video surveillance footage, dashboard camera, or other camera footage to see how it compares with the driver’s claims of what happened in the crash event
  • Locating and interviewing independent witnesses
  • Secure accident reconstruction experts and other professional investigators
  • Obtain police records, including arrest and conviction records, if the driver was (or has been) charged with a crime

In all likelihood, the trucking company will not be particularly cooperative through this process.  After all, there is a lot at stake in a serious truck crash.  The lawyers at Davis & Brusca are experienced truck accident lawyers. We are patient, tactful, and dedicated to each and every case.  We get to the truth of what happened.  Put our experience and dedication to work for you.

Common Losses Incurred By Truck Accident Victims

The losses and harms which result from a crash with a tractor trailer or other truck accident can be extensive and can produce a cascade of consequences which fall like dominoes, invading every aspect of the victim’s life. The impacts almost always last for years, and sometimes are permanent and progressive.  Meaning the impacts the victims face “today”, as bad as they may be, are nowhere near as bad as those which they will face in the future.  Losses and harms like these trump everything else in the life of the victim, and give rise to extreme levels of stress and worry.  People facing this situation need a top truck accident lawyer.  The experienced truck crash lawyers at Davis & Brusca are very familiar with these types of losses.  We know how to build a winning case that takes into account the future effects of the injuries, not just those which presently exist.

Examples of losses and harms for which money damages may be recovered include:

  • Existing medical bills;
  • Costs associated with future medical treatment needs;
  • Home health assistance;
  • Lost wages/loss of income;
  • Compensation for physical disfigurement/disability
  • Compensation for physical pain and emotional suffering


A Lawyer Can Help You

Truck accident lawyers like Davis & Brusca, LLC, know how to effectively prepare a case for their clients and which maximize results. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident involving a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle, put our experience to work for you.  Call the trucking accident lawyer Trenton, NJ trusts, Davis & Brusca, LLC, to explore your options today.