I was injured in an accident involving a cement truck, what should I do now?

Truck Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Cement trucks are vital to construction and road projects. We marvel at these unique looking trucks, with their churning cylindrical cement trailers.  Many of us will recall playing with miniature toy versions when we were children.  But the “real-life” versions are anything but a toy.  They are enormous vehicles, which are cumbersome to operate, and which can cause devastation in the wrong hands.

Cement trucks require precise skill to operate. Their drivers may face strict deadlines requiring them to get the cement churning in the bellies of their vehicles to the buyer in time.  If the delivery is not made on time, the cement can begin to cure or even harden inside the cylinder and become unusable.  The resulting financial losses can be substantial and may lead to penalties being imposed on the driver.  These losses include the value of the cement itself, costs associated with deadlines associated with the project, and even possible damage to the cement truck itself. Due to these deadlines, and the risk of costs and penalties, it is not uncommon to see cement trucks driving recklessly.

When a cement truck collides with another car, the consequences are usually devastating. It should come as no surprise that the occupants of the car struck by these enormous beasts are generally the ones most seriously injured. If negligence caused the accident, the victims may have the right to pursue a legal claim for monetary compensation.

If you were involved in a cement truck accident, the first step you should take is to contact a truck accident lawyer, such as the lawyers at Davis & Brusca, who can advise you how to proceed and take action to protect your rights and interests.

What You Should Do After a Truck Accident

1.  Seek Medical Help 

Even if you don’t feel pain which is severe following the accident, the best practice is to seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible.  Don’t presume that your complaints are “minor” or that they will “go away on their own.”  You may be in shock.  You may have an injury which is more serious than you suspect.  How will you know if you don’t get a proper evaluation?  If you don’t like doctors, you may try to talk yourself out of visiting the ER. This is generally not a good idea. Regardless of whether or not you feel pain you could be injured. You should get medical attention as soon as possible. Whiplash, internal bleeding, head injuries, and other silent injuries may not be clearly noticeable for a few days, or even weeks. Delaying medical care might cause you further harm, and will almost certainly have a negative effect on your legal claim.

2.   Avoid Giving a Recorded Statement

After a truck accident, you will likely be contacted by the trucking company’s insurance company.  They will most likely want to take your recorded statement.  Why?  They are looking to “lock down” a version of what happened.  Their investigators may ask questions or suggest answers in a way which creates defenses for them or casts you in a negative light.  Words can be twisted.  Rest assured, they are NOT looking out for YOUR best interests.  You’ll likely need the assistance of a skilled trucking lawyer to protect your rights. 

There may be circumstances in which you are required to cooperate with insurance companies (usually, your OWN insurer), but adjusters may not tell you everything accurately.  The insurer for the trucking company may even suggest that you are required to speak with them, or that doing so will help your case. This is false information. The trucking company’s insurer will be looking to get statements from you which HURT your case or which could otherwise reduce the value of your claim.

Call a Cement Truck Lawyer

Insurance companies are clever.  They may tell you that you don’t “need” a lawyer.  Why?  Because good legal advice is the last thing they want you to have. These people know that as soon as you retain Davis & Brusca, LLC , one of the top truck accident lawyers Trenton, NJ  turns to for help, for your cement truck accident, they will face a skilled law firm which is tenacious and does not back down. The insurance company also knows that they will almost certainly have to pay more money when you have a lawyer on your side.  

Protect your rights.  Call Davis & Brusca today.