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You’ve discovered that your elderly loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home.  You’re angry, upset.  You probably wonder “how could this happen?”  You likely want, and certainly deserve, answers.  Yet, even with all this, you may still feel uncertain about contracting a nursing home lawyer. You may even have been told that you should not contact a lawyer.  Worse yet, you may even have been told that contacting a lawyer could create serious problems for your loved one.  While thoughts and concerns like this are valid, nothing should not stop you from seeking advice from a supportive and skilled nursing home lawyer.  No legitimate facility will penalize your loved one for asking questions and seeking the truth.  And, rest assured, if there is reason to believe your loved one faces an imminent danger, particularly one which would be increased by seeking the truth, they need to be removed from that facility and transferred to a truly safe place.

Recognizing Abuse or Neglect

The sad truth is that nursing home abuse or neglect is not always obvious and can sometimes be hidden by the facility’s employees for a long time.  The resident may be unable to speak for themselves due to medical condition such as advanced dimentia, or they may be too scared to speak up.  Abuse does not always leave physical marks and, depending on the circumstances, even family members who visit frequently may miss the abuse or neglect because the signs are hidden or require medical knowledge which the family simply do not have.  The lawyers at Davis & Brusca, LLC, are experienced advocates who concentrate on nursing home neglect and abuse cases.  The majority of the cases we handle involve some form of neglect by medical providers causing physical and emotional harm or death.  Physical abuse, deprivation of dignity and basic human rights, and even chemical restraints are also frequently seen.  If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, we can help.  Call Davis & Brusca, LLC, for a free, no obligation consultation.

The following are common signs of abuse and neglect which we recommend family members be on the lookout for:

  • Bruising around the wrists, ankles, torso, or upper legs from restraints
  • Over medication which limits the resident’s ability to concentrate and interact
  • Signs of dehydration or malnutrition, including weight-loss and dark coloration to the lips and tongue
  • Poor hygiene
  • Unexplained falls, with our without broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Burn marks
  • Bleeding or bruising around the genitals
  • Recurrent or severe infection
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Sudden changes in mental status, including outbursts of crying, yelling, or laughter
  • Being denied visitation
  • Missing money, valuables or personal effects
  • Poor responsiveness of staff
  • High turnover of staff & care providers (you frequently see new people)
  • Denial of access to certain areas of the facility

If you have noticed any of the above, you should voice your concerns to the facility’s management and it would also be prudent for you to get advice from a top nursing home lawyer.  Davis & Brusca are here to help you and can advise you of the options and rights which exist in your specific case during your free and confidential consultation.

Staffing Issues at Nursing Home Facilities

Between 80 and 85% of nursing homes are for-profit facilities.  Corporate greed and other internal pressure to maximize profits frequently leads to budget cuts and staff reductions which negatively impact the care delivered to the facility’s residents.  This is a very common feature in the cases we handle, and we see it on a very regular basis.  Some of the common staffing issues we encounter include:

  • Poorly trained nurses and other staff members
  • Inexperienced staff 
  • Nurses practicing outside the legally-permitted scope of their licenses
  • Lack of staff at night or during other “slow” hours
  • Inadequate supervision of nurses and other staff
  • Distracted staff (i.e. using phones while working)
  • Poor follow-through on medical orders

When any of these issues occur, the risk of resident neglect is extremely high.   And the results are frequently deadly.  

Learn More About Holding a Nursing Home Liable for Their Actions

Abusing or neglecting any resident of a nursing home is unacceptable.  These folks are our father, mothers.  They are veterans who have fought to protect the freedoms we hold dear.  The fact that they are now vulnerable means it is up to us to protect them.  By holding a facility accountable for their negligence, you will force them to look at their behavior.  And by making them pay financial compensation for their actions, you hit these corporations in the only way which will change their behavior — in their “bottom line”, their profits. 

If you suspect your family member has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or other skilled nursing facility, do not delay.  There are statute of limitations which limit the time you have to take action.  Do something to protect your loved one and the other residents of the negligent facility.  Get legal advice today from a nursing home attorney Trenton relies on at Davis & Brusca, LLC.  We are here to help.