Nursing Home Slip and Falls

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, an estimated three million seniors will reside in nursing homes by 2030. With nearly 75 percent of all nursing home residents experiencing falls annually, slips and falls are a leading cause of preventable injuries, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Falls are serious not only because of potential

Do We Really Care About the Elderly?

A recent op-ed “Florida law treats seniors worse than dogs” written by fellow Nursing Home Attorney Nathan Carter from Florida raises some important issues.  At the core, it makes us ask ourselves – Do we really care about the elderly?  After doing this work for several years now, sometimes I find myself answering that particular question,

Preventing Medication Errors

Medication errors – where a resident is given the wrong medication, given the wrong dose, given a medication at the wrong time, or not given a prescribed medication at all – happens in almost 20% of doses, according to some studies.  These potentially lethal errors are mostly preventable, and understanding medication distribution in facilities is

Fight Ignites Over Right to Sue Nursing Homes

Consumer groups are trying to stop the Trump administration from removing the right to sue nursing homes for alleged abuse, neglect, or sexual assault from nursing home residents and their families. Over 75 consumer, health, and advocacy groups have formed the Fair Arbitration Now Coalition to stop this removal. Back in June, the Centers for Medicare and

Poor Patient Care

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have a watchlist for the poorest performing nursing homes. Known as special focus facilities, these places have given patients the wrong medications, have low numbers of registered nurses on staff, had incidents where staff have bullied or abused the patients, or the homes failed to report patient

Many Falls Don’t “Just Happen”

Many of our cases involve serious injuries and deaths that result from falls.  A lot of times families are just told that “falls happen” and that they are unavoidable.  In our experience, this is simply not true. To begin, nursing homes must be vigilant about falls because falls for the elderly can be catastrophic.  The mortality rate for

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