Trucking Industry Officials Claim to be Adopting “Strict Compliance” Approach to Safety Regulations to Improve Safety

Trucking Industry Officials Claim to be Adopting “Strict Compliance” Approach to Safety Regulations to Improve Safety

Certain industries are heavily regulated in our country.  Compliance with state and federal laws is essential for public safety but, sadly, actual compliance rates often fall short of expectation.  For example, take the commercial trucking industry and the aerospace industry.  Both industries are heavily regulated, so one would presume they should have similar safety records.  However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes report, this is not the case.  In fact, while the aerospace industry has experienced a steady decrease in the number of fatalities, the commercial trucking industry’s rate of fatal accidents has steadily increased over the past decade.  This fact shows rather plainly that regulation is not enough.

In a recent article posted in the Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ), safety officials in the trucking industry claim they are adopting an aerospace industry mindset and calling for strict compliance with safety regulations to reverse the current trends in their own industry. Truck accidents claimed the lives of 4,317 people in 2016, which was the highest number of fatalities reported since 2007. While the rate of fatal trucking accidents has increased in the United States, there hasn’t been a U.S. fatality in the commercial airline industry since 2009.

Fleetworthy Solutions

Collaboration between safety advocates in the commercial airline industry and the commercial trucking industry has led to the conclusion that the rate of fatalities between the two trades can be traced to the mindset of those working in the aerospace industry. Fleetworthy Solutions plan on partnering with data scientists to inhibit aerospace techniques that enhance truck driving fleet safety on the road. Compliance to federal and state laws are taken very seriously by those in the aerospace industry. One of the biggest differences between the commercial airline and commercial trucking industries lies with the interpretation between what the aerospace industry considers “airworthy” vs what the trucking industry considers “roadworthy.”

Airworthiness relies on strict compliance with all safety regulation mandates set forth by the FAA, along with extensive pre-flight safety checklists for the mechanical inspection and maintenance of the aircraft and their pilots. Though the trucking industry has implemented the use of various technologies aimed at improving driver safety and vehicle maintenance, their ability to manage information is weak. Trucking companies now require drivers to maintain electronic log devices that record hours and miles driven, breaks taken, and maintenance performed, but the data is not being analyzed effectively to regulate and identify areas in need of improvement.

Innovative businesses, such as Fleetworthy Solutions, are emerging on the horizon that aim to help trucking companies use their available data to improve the safety of their fleets. By integrating truck driver behavioral data with vehicle performance, fleet owners can assess risks better and take the preventive action needed to avoid trucking accidents. Careful audits and evaluation of data will reduce the number of fatal truck accidents and reverse the current trends of the past decade.

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