Bicycle Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you need the help of an experienced lawyer in finding the answers to some rather serious questions.  For example:  Who will pay for your medical bills or for the damage to your bicycle?  The driver, or possibly even the police, unfairly blamed you for the crash.  Given

New Ways for Nursing Homes to Avoid Accountability Revived

Last fall, new rules governing nursing homes were released.  One of the new rules was very clear: no forced pre-dispute arbitration.  Forced pre-dispute arbitration is the practice of slipping language into nursing home admission agreements – often long and complicated – that force a person into waiving their right to go to court if something terrible happens or someone

Peggy’s Law Enacted to Protect New Jersey’s Nursing Home Residents

Peggy’s Law Enacted to Protect New Jersey’s Nursing Home Residents Governor Chris Christie recently signed a bipartisan bill that will create additional protections for nursing home residents by ensuring that law enforcement receives expedited notifications regarding criminal abuse cases. Workers at over 900 state-regulated facilities that provide housing to the elderly must contact police within

Truck and Bus Accidents in NJ

Truck and Bus Accidents in NJ Truck and Bus Accidents are different and require a lawyer with specialized skill and knowledge.  Mr. Davis is a dedicated expert who regularly represents truck crash victims throughout New Jersey, and he will aggressively pursue the justice and compensation you deserve. It is important that you contact an experienced truck

Bed Sores Are Not An Accident

Bed Sores Are Not An Accident Many families we represent tell us that no one at a nursing home told them their mom or dad was suffering from a bed sore until it was terrible.  The reason they keep quiet about these terrible wounds is that they don’t happen by accident. Medical professionals refer to bed

Car Accident Liability in New Jersey

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to be able to prove who is liable, regardless of whether you intend to proceed with an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. If you can support your position as to how the crash occurred with hard evidence, you may prevent the insurance company

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