What Is Strict Liability With A Dog Bite Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes, when dealing with personal injury cases, you may hear strict liability talked about. In Washington, strict liability comes into play when a personal injury case is brought up about a dog bite or otherwise injury was caused by a dog. So if you are a dog owner in Washington, you’re going to want to pay close attention to understand the dog bite injury liability rules and laws that are tied to your dog care. And if you are injured by a dog that is in someone else’s care, you can pay attention and reach out to personal injury lawyers today.

Many states have social limitations, which is a set time before your case is no longer relevant to the courses and can be dismissed without being looked at because it is too old. Different time moments are going to be applied to different kinds of cases but no matter what kind of case you are filing if you missed the window to file within the statute of limitations in the court is going to dismiss the claim barring rare exceptions and exemptions to extend the deadline.

Dog bites her dog caused injury claims are going to fall under the big umbrella upon which personal injury law is. Tort law, another name for personal injury law covers a wide variety of injuries, and the revised code of Washington section 4.16.0 80 applies to dog bite laws as is the code section of Washington law that decides the statute of limitation for all personal injury cases.

Essentially, this means that you have up to three years to bring your case to court.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a dog bite or dog caused injury, reach out to a personal injury lawyer data customer case and see what they can do for you. Because Washington’s revised code states that a dog’s owner is indeed liable for any injuries suffered by anyone who is a public laser lawfully on private property even if that property belongs to the owner, as long as they are not trespassing, the owner is responsible for the duty of care and keeping their dog in line.

Dog bite injuries fall under strict liability, so even if the owner of the dog was not negligent or the cause of the accident, because this person had the legal right to be in the location where the bite occurred, the owner is indeed responsible for all injuries and can even be held responsible for medical bills.

If your dog bites somebody, you are indeed liable for the person’s medical bills, pain-and-suffering, and damages. However, the only exception to this rule is if the bite is inflicted by a police dog who is working.

Furthermore, the strict liability provision of the code of Washington state only applies to injuries that are indeed dog bite in nature. Any other injuries caused by the dog have to be filed as regular negligence cases, which means that they are not under strict liability and it requires comparative fault to be taken in the play.