Sexting Law in Florida

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Sexting is considered a serious crime, especially with a lack of consent or if a child is involved. If this interaction is between an adult and a child and this is seen as a sex offense, was can lead to serious charges. However, two minors sexting is also an offense, and if you are your guardian, you need to educate your child on the subject of sexting so you can avoid getting them in trouble with the law. However, if you are here, then you are most likely dealing with the law.

The gentle criminal defense lawyer, such as the ones available at Tuttle Law PA if you have to deal with the sexting laws. These are some of the strictest laws involving sexting, and if your teenager is in fact being charged with sexting, then you’re going to need a good criminal defense lawyer.

What is sexting?

Sexting is essentially texting but with a sexual intent to your words. This is a popular method that is considered flirting and communicating online, because phones and computers have changed the way that people date. Sexting could involve explicit photos, videos, sexual sex, voice notes or any other type of media that can be construed to be sexual in nature.

But this can create issues, especially if consent was not given before something was sent and received. Furthermore, consent is an issue if a recipient of a sext sends someone else’s sext  without that person’s permission to somebody else. Basically, once you are in possession of content from somebody else, you are always at risk for breaking consent by sending it to other people.

When is sexting a crime?

Wireless is a legal practice between adults, the exchange of exposing content involving children is not. Therefore, if an adult sex such child or a minor, even if they did not know that this person was underage, and this can become an incident of child pornography law and can lead criminal prosecution. Furthermore, the adult can then be charged with and receive a sex offender status for participating in sexting.

However, sexting between two adults is legal, barring consent issues. The process must be completely consensual and the people must be involved in a safe relationship of their liking. You need to ensure that you are not texting a minor. Even if your partner has lied about their age, you will be held responsible for anything it was shared between the two of you because you are the adult.

You should never share any images or videos that are sent to you with other parties and you should report any unwarranted images because if you did not consent to receive the image, that is taking the law of consent that is involved in this rule.

Reach out to a criminal defense lawyer if you are dealing with criminal charges that you believe you were charged with wrongfully.