Uber Accident Lawyer Trenton New Jersey

Uber Accident Lawyer Trenton New Jersey Uber Accident Lawyer Trenton New Jersey

An uber accident lawyer in Trenton, New Jersey from Davis & Brusca, LLC knows without a doubt that ridesharing entities such as Uber have become very popular as a means of transportation. But while these services are cheaper and quicker than other methods of getting around, this does not mean they are entirely safe. You probably do not know the person who is driving you to your next destination, and they may not have sufficient insurance to cover you in case of an accident.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be eligible to bring a lawsuit against the driver or Uber for damages and losses. A car accident lawyer Trenton, NJ residents rely on for dependable legal services can provide you with a free case evaluation today. 

If The Uber Driver Caused Accident

If your Uber driver was being reckless and caused an accident with another vehicle, then you may bring forward a lawsuit against them. You may find that it is very challenging to receive damages from the driver’s personal insurance policy. Many of these policies are not in effect when a driver is using their car for a commercial operation. An uber accident lawyer in New Jersey from Davis & Brusca, LLC understands how insurance companies work, and can be aggressive in seeking what you need to recover. 

Recoverable Damages Post Collision

After any type of car accident, victims are often left with several damages and losses to deal with. Car accidents not only ruin your day, but they can leave you with a financial hardship that you would not have had if the incident never occurred. Maybe you had to be ushered to the hospital, needed treatment for injuries, and lost out on work pay because you needed to stay home and recover. With help from a uber accident lawyer in Trenton, here is a list of damages that you may be able to recover after the accident:

One thing that a Trenton uber accident lawyer in NJ may inform clients is that almost every insurance company is going to try to limit or deny your claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies are a for-profit entity, and rarely are focused on the well being of those injured in car accidents. Without help from a legal professional, your attempts to receive compensation may not yield the results you were hoping for. Insurance companies use many every strategy possible to avoid paying money for a victim’s damages and losses. 

If you were recently in an Uber accident, then please contact a New Jersey uber accident lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC for the help you need right now. 

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