Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Trenton, NJTraumatic brain injuries (“TBI”) are sometimes referred to as “silent injuries” because they are often difficult to detect. The symptoms of a “mild” traumatic brain injury can be subtle and may be missed.  The consequences of these injuries, however, can be catastrophic.   TBIs change the lives of the victim and their family.  And those changes frequently last a lifetime.  Some studies suggest that at least half of all TBIs are caused by another person’s negligence. When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury because of another party’s actions, they have the right to pursue monetary compensation for the harms and losses created by this terrible injury. While a legal claim cannot reverse the injury itself, it can help to alleviate the financial stress which generally flows from the TBI.  If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, a Trenton, New Jersey traumatic brain injury lawyer from Davis & Brusca can help.

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As a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Trenton, NJ, Davis & Brusca has helped families recover damages after a loved one was harmed. When you choose our firm to represent you, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that:

The Trenton, NJ traumatic brain injury lawyers from Davis & Brusca handles cases on a contingency basis.  This means you pay nothing up front. We only receive a fee if we win, and our fees are deducted from the settlement or judgment recovered. For a free review of your case, call today and speak with a brain injury lawyer Trenton, NJ trusts from Davis & Brusca.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) frequently occurs when the brain receives a sudden physical impact or jolt.  Contrary to popular myth, a TBI can occur even if there is no direct impact to the head.  Certainly, a TBI can also come from a head strike, or an object hitting the head, but that is not needed for the brain to suffer an impact.  This is because the brain essentially “floats” in a pool of fluid (cerebral spinal fluid) inside the skull.  Much like ice cubes in a glass of water, the brain can be moved in its “pool” when the skull (akin to the glass) is moved.  The force of movement can cause the brain to strike the inside of the skull, even if the skull itself doesn’t hit anything, just like the ice cubes in your drink strike the sides of the glass when you move it.  An impact to the brain, not impact to the skull, is what is needed for a TBI to occur.

Some of the most common causes of TBIs include:

Brain injury or TBI can also occur when incidents deprive the brain of blood flow or oxygen.  Examples would include stroke, medical negligence causing hypoxia, etc. 

All of these injuries can occur from a variety of sources, including crashes or other accidents, recklessness, violence, or medical error. Regardless of what happened, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a brain injury or TBI, please call a traumatic brain injury lawyer from Davis & Brusca as quickly as possible. We will listen to your story.  We will hear what you have to say.  And we will let you know what options we believe you have.

Damages which may potentially be recovered in a civil claim for brain injury or TBI may include:

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Traumatic brain injuries can lead to severe cognitive impairment, hormonal imbalances, memory loss, amnesia, executive dysfunction, speech problems, coma, and more. Victims often require constant medical care.  In some cases, around-the-clock nursing care is needed. 

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury, call a traumatic brain injury lawyer Trenton, NJ clients recommend from Davis & Brusca today.   We are here to help you.

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