Tips for Preventing a Mishandled Workers’ Comp Claim

Insurance companies that handle workers’ compensation claims just don’t pay out to victims of workplace accidents like they should. In fact, most insurance companies are going to be watching out for the best interest in the company, and that means saving as much money as possible. If you were hurt at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits until ready to return. To reduce the likelihood that your claim will be handled wrongfully, here are some tips to consider: 

Report the injury accident as soon as you can.

By law, you are required to notify your employer about a workplace accident within a reasonably short time (usually 30 days or less). If you get hurt while at work or when traveling for a job, and the injury surpasses what a first aid kit can provide, then you must inform your employer as soon as possible. By doing so, you are abiding by state workers’ compensation laws, which will help increase your odds of receiving fair benefits.

Gather witness names and statements.

If a coworker, bystander, or someone else had seen the accident happen, get their name and a statement of what they saw. This is going to be influential in proving your side of the story, so the insurance company has less ability to cast doubt into your claims, or deny them altogether. 

Get medical care if you need to.

Under no circumstances should you be convinced to not visit a doctor if you were seriously injured at work. If your employer has a workers’ compensation program, then they are bound by law to provide you with medical attention if you need it. Sometimes, an injured worker may fear that they will be fired or teased among their coworkers for reporting an accident. Unfortunately, this type of workplace culture may be what prevents someone from getting the care they need.

As our workers compensation lawyer friends from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. know, the best way to prevent a mishandled workers’ compensation claim, is to always put your best interest first.