How Long Does It Take a Bicycle Case to Be Settled

Car Accident Lawyer

Whether you are in an automobile, on an icy sidewalk or on a bicycle, accidents happen quickly. In retrospect, everything happens in only a few seconds. Though the accident is momentary, the aftermath drags on and on. Sometimes, when legal action is required, the outcome is prolonged almost beyond bearing and you may ask, “How long will my bicycle accident case take?” Our friends at Hall-Justice Law Firm explain some of the factors that influence the amount of time a bicycle accident case can take.

What Is Involved in a Bicycle Lawsuit?

Assuming that your bicycle accident resulted in a civil lawsuit, there are several steps that must occur.

  • Consultation. You will definitely want to begin by consulting competent legal counsel as a first step.
  • Pleading. On your behalf, an attorney will file suit.
  • Discovery. Each side in the case has the opportunity to collect supporting evidence.
  • Trial. In a court of law, each side presents its case and a verdict is rendered.

It is incumbent upon the court to give each side ample time to prepare and present. This being the case, you can anticipate it may take one to three years for the case to be decided.

What Can Slow a Lawsuit Down?

While the official steps in a legal suit are clear-cut, the factors delaying a suit can be nebulous and unpredictable. If a defendant expects to be sued, that individual may strive to be elusive to avoid being served. During the discovery portion, a defendant may wish to include witnesses who are not readily available to offer testimony. Attorneys may also delay the process when other pressing legal matters must be litigated. Finally, even after a verdict is reached, the side that loses may have the right of appeal, further delaying the eventual outcome.

What Should You Do While Waiting?

Actually, while awaiting the final verdict in your bicycle accident case, what you should not do is probably more important than what you should do:

  • Do not anticipate an outcome. No matter if you think you have a rock-solid case and will receive a financial judgment, do not commit funds you have not received.
  • Do not discuss your case on social media. It is a good idea to stay off social media altogether but, if you go on the internet, do not mention your accident at all.

As you pass through the various stages of a lawsuit, it is a good idea to stay in touch with your attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer cannot speed up the process but can help you know what to expect.