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Pressure Sore/Ulcer Lawyer New JerseyPressure Sore/Ulcer Lawyer New Jersey


When a family places their elderly loved one in a nursing home, they are trusting and depending on that facility to take care of their family member in the same way they would if they were able to keep their loved one at home. Unfortunately, there are many nursing homes that fail to provide even the most basic and dignified care to residents. The number of nursing home neglect cases continues to increase each year and the concern is that this will just continue to get worse as each generation ages out and the need for more nursing home care increases. If your loved one has been a victim of neglect, contact a pressure sore/ulcer lawyer New Jersey families trust from Davis & Brusca, LLC for help.

How Prevalent Is Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse?

Tragically, nursing home neglect and abuse is not a rare occurrence. In one study, almost half of the 2,000 nursing home residents who participated confided that they had been a victim of abuse, and almost all of those who participated – 95 percent – shared they themselves had suffered neglect or had seen another resident suffer neglect by staff.

There are many ways that a resident can be neglected by the very staff being paid to take care of them. Some of the most common cases that a nursing home neglect lawyer NJ  clients recommend has handled include:

  •   Neglect of the resident’s basic personal needs: This is when things like food, water, movement, and medication are overlooked or withheld. This neglect can cause the death of the resident.
  •   Neglect of the resident’s emotional needs: Keeping a resident isolated in their room from other residents, not supplying activities and creative outlets, and engaging the resident in conversation are some of the ways this neglect occurs.
  •   Neglect of the resident’s hygiene: Many nursing home residents are bedridden or immobile because of illness or age. This often leads to pressure sores. When a resident is not frequently turned and repositioned, these painful ulcers can form. Residents also need a healthy diet, hydration, and regular bathing in order to stay well and not develop infections or other medical issues.
  •   Neglect of helping the resident avoid falls: According to national statistics from the CDC, for every 100 beds in a nursing home, the facility reports 100 to 200 falls each year. It is believed, however, that this number is too low, and many falls are not reported.

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If you believe your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect, contact Davis & Brusca, LLC immediately. The health and safety of your family member are at risk. A New Jersey pressure sore/ulcer lawyer can help you take the steps to protect them and determine what legal recourse you may have. Call our office today.