Pressure Sore/Ulcer Lawyer New Jersey

Pressure Sore/Ulcer Lawyer New Jersey

Pressure Sore/Ulcer Lawyer New JerseyHave you discovered bedsores on your elderly loved one, and believe they are not getting the care they should have in a nursing home? If so, please reach out to a pressure sore/ulcer lawyer New Jersey has to offer. Davis & Brusca, LLC, would like to talk with you about your case and help you to understand what legal options may be available. 

Some injuries sustained in a nursing home cannot be avoided. However, when proper care is administered, many of them can. For example, bedsores, also known as pressure sore or ulcer are common in nursing homes. Yet, they are also considered to be one of the most preventable injuries. Often, once they are discovered, concerns of neglect tend to follow. 

Bed sores are very painful. If they are not treated right away, they will worsen. In some cases, a patient could develop an infection or sepsis, and lose their life. Pressure sores develop in areas that are prone to pressure. The heels, hips, tailbone, ankles, and elbows are most vulnerable to developing one of these injuries. Furthermore, any patient who has limited or no mobility will be at a higher risk for developing them. 

Bedsores Can Be Prevented

As a nursing home neglect lawyer NJ respects might tell you, it is possible to avoid pressure sores. Some ways to do this include:

Signs of a Bedsore

All staff of a nursing home must watch out for bedsores, especially because they are common. If any of the following are noticed, care should be taken right away. Ignoring these signs might warrant the need for a pressure sore/ulcer lawyer in New Jersey.

If you or a loved one has noticed these signs, you should speak with the nursing home staff. In the event, they don’t take the necessary steps, or the bedsores are quite bad, please reach out to our pressure sore/ulcer lawyers in New Jersey.

The Stages of Bedsores

When left untreated, bedsore can evolve from stage 1 all the way to stage 4. In an ideal situation, the nursing home will treat bedsore as soon as it is noticed. This can put a halt to further harm. 

Once a stage three or stage four bedsore results, it is very probable that some degree of neglect is happening. If you notice this, please consider taking your loved one to the hospital. After, you should call a New Jersey pressure sore/ulcer lawyer. Call Davis & Brusca, LLC today!


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