New Jersey Nursing Home Injury Law Firm

New Jersey Nursing Home Injury Law Firm

New Jersey Nursing Home Injury Law FirmOur New Jersey nursing home injury law firm knows that making the decision to put a family member into a nursing home or assisted living facility can be difficult. However, it becomes even more upsetting when you fear that your loved one is being abused or neglected. You may feel powerless in this situation, but it is important that you are aware of the steps you should take when you suspect abuse. This includes documenting dates and specific episodes and contacting a nursing home injury lawyer NJ trusts from Davis & Brusca, LLC. Be watchful for any signs of mistreatment at every visit you make and listen carefully to what your family member tells you about the staff and care at the home.

Document All Findings

If you begin suspecting abuse or neglect is taking place, our nursing home injury law firm in New Jersey believes it is important that you document specific things that lead you to believe this. For example, write down and take pictures of any unusual bruising on your loved one. Track how long he or she has to wait for assistance for getting out of bed or going to the bathroom. Record any instances that your family member brings up that could point to a hostile situation. You may want to speak with the nursing home administrator to clear up any issues you see in the early stages. If things do not improve, it could be time to take things a step further.

Contact a New Jersey Nursing Home Injury Law Firm

If you feel that your family member has been put into a dangerous situation and fear for their safety and well-being, it is important that you get the help you need to fight this injustice. Nursing home lawyers specialize in protecting patients’ rights and suing facilities and homes that violate these rights. Look for an attorney that has experience in this area of law from our New Jersey nursing home injury law firm who has had favorable results in similar situations. Be sure that you bring up all instances of abuse or neglect so that the attorney can determine the best approach for the case.

It can be difficult for anyone to make the decision to leave a loved one in the care of someone else, and the caregiver should not have to fear for the patient’s safety and emotional well-being. There are more types of abuse than just physical abuse, and neglect can cause anxiety and worsening health conditions for many patients. If you have a family member who you suspect is being mistreated, set up a consultation with a nursing home lawyer today to find out what steps to take to receive the justice that you and your loved one deserve. Contact a trusted nursing home injury law firm in New Jersey, like Davis & Brusca, LLC today. 

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