Negligence A Factor In The Deaths Of 17 Victims In New Jersey Nursing Home 

COVID-19 changed how people in the world lived forever, and the vulnerable population of nursing home residents was among those who were significantly affected. Many people isolated themselves from others in the early days of the pandemic. The pandemic most severely impacted nursing home residents because they were isolated and could not see their loved ones. Still, they were also more susceptible to contracting the virus due to the reliance on caregivers and nursing home staff. Our team from Davis & Brusca, LLC knows that COVID could quickly make its way through a nursing home setting in affected group settings, leaving the country’s most vulnerable people at risk. 

As our nursing home injury lawyer in NJ will share, in 2020, 17 bodies were found in a New Jersey nursing home morgue. Not only was the facility fined, but it was also discovered that the facility was not in compliance with federal requirements. Unfortunately, the facility’s inability to apply infection control practices caused a severe COVID-19 outbreak, impacting several of its patients. Lack of documentation, safe practices, understaffing, and an inability to take action for patients who were gravely ill or injured all contributed to the deaths. The horrific pain and suffering victims experience from abuse and negligence will leave families searching for answers and looking for someone to hold accountable. 

Entrusting a nursing home facility to care for a loved one is often a difficult decision, but, at times, it’s a necessary measure for someone who requires significant medical assistance. Unfortunately, nursing home residents are so reliant upon this care that they are susceptible to abuse and neglect in nursing homes that do not follow state regulations or fail to train their staff properly. One fundamental way family members can protect their family members is by staying involved in their loved one’s care and visiting frequently. When COVID-19 introduced a new way of life, family members were no longer able to have access to their loved ones. 

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries or death and you believe the nursing home was at fault, it’s imperative to speak with our nursing home injury lawyer NJ families depend on. Our team can help hold responsible parties accountable for victims’ losses. Common injuries victims of nursing home abuse and neglect face include:

  • Broken Bones
  • Head Injuries
  • Medication Mismanagement
  • Malnutrition & Dehydration
  • Bed Sores
  • Exposure to Illness/Infections
  • +More

No person is ever prepared to experience the loss of a loved one, especially when you expect them to receive appropriate care in a nursing home setting. In some cases, it may have been difficult to understand what happened to them when under the supervision of nursing home staff, especially when family members could not access their family members during the lockdown. 

Davis & Brusca, LLC have witnessed firsthand the devastation the nursing home tragedies have caused to surviving victims and their families. Our team will tirelessly protect victims’ rights and hold liable parties accountable. Learn more about how our firm helps victims take legal action; schedule a consultation with our office at your earliest convenience.