Holding Abusers Accountable After Suffering Injuries In A Nursing Home

Nursing home residents are susceptible to horrific abuse, and should this happen, a nursing home abuse lawyer PA victims depend on can play a significant role in making abusers pay for wrongdoing. There are many elements involved when taking legal action; not only could abusers face criminal charges, but they may also undergo the civil claims process. After abuse, victims may suffer greatly, and some may never recover. Victims have a right to take action, and a lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC can not only answer questions but also assist in holding responsible parties accountable. 

What are common injuries that result from nursing home abuse?

There are several ways a nursing home resident may be injured in a nursing home. Although some injuries may be similar to those experienced in other personal injury cases, it’s important to note that there are other unique injuries victims of nursing home abuse may suffer. Injuries that nursing home victims may experience include:

  • Fractured Bones
  • Muscle Sprains
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Sepsis
  • Bed Sores
  • Head Injuries
  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Mental Health Challenges

Following an injury, medical treatment is vital for several reasons. Not only can it ensure victims’ injuries are treated, but it can also assist in proving negligence on the part of the nursing home. Compensation for injuries can vary depending upon the severity of the damages suffered by the victim. A nursing home neglect lawyer PA victims trust can assist by reviewing the damages and determining the case’s value. 

What is financial abuse in nursing homes? 

Financial abuse in nursing homes happens when someone steals property or money. There are several ways this can occur; employees with access to a resident’s room may take valuables from them. In some cases, the offender may manipulate the victim into giving money to the offender. This can happen by forging checks and gaining access to bank accounts and financial information. 

How long does it take to resolve nursing home cases?

The time it takes to resolve cases of this nature can vary depending upon the specifics involved. While some cases may settle in as little as a few months, in most cases, it can take years before a resolution is reached. Remember that when criminal charges are pursued, a lawyer may recommend that victims wait for an outcome to be reached before seeking compensation for damages. 

Is there a way to ensure that abuse in nursing homes stops?

Family members can take a few measures to protect a loved one. While it’s always essential to choose prospective nursing homes carefully, involvement from family members and regular visitation are also important. In situations where nursing home abuse has already occurred, loved ones and families may want to ensure that nursing home abuse doesn’t happen again. There are several big-picture ways of making this happen. First, holding abusers accountable can shed light on potential problems in nursing homes, which can, in turn, instill change. In addition, all cases of abuse should be reported to The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH). 

Should I accept a settlement offer from the liable parties’ lawyer?

Sometimes, a lawyer representing the liable party may contact the victim to offer a settlement. It’s essential to proceed with caution for several reasons. Keep in mind that if a lawyer from the opposing side attempts to make contact, they may be trying to make a quick payout to resolve the case quickly. Before speaking with any lawyer or accepting a settlement, it’s imperative to first talk with an experienced lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC