Lyft Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Lyft Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJLyft Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ


When a car accident takes place in New Jersey, the driver at fault for the crash is legally responsible for the harms and losses each victim suffered, such as physical injuries and/or property damage. If the at-fault driver is a private citizen who was operating their own car when the accident happened, then any claim for damages is filed against their automobile liability insurance policy. However, when the driver of the vehicle is working for a ridesharing company, such as Lyft or Uber, then the pursuit of damages becomes much more complicated. Victims of these types of accidents should consult with a Lyft accident lawyer Trenton, NJ clients recommend, like the lawyers at Davis & Brusca, LLC, to find out what their legal options are.

Lyft Accidents

There are several factors that make ridesharing accidents different from other types of vehicle accidents, even ones involving commercial drivers. For example, if a victim is injured in an accident that involves a taxi or a bus, if the driver of that vehicle caused the accident, then the company that owns the vehicle is liable for any damages victims sustain.

Lyft and other ridesharing accidents are different because the Lyft driver is often not the “employee” of the corporation. Instead, ridesharing drivers are usually considered “independent contractors” and so the corporation may not have any legal liability beyond the limits of their insurance policy, unless the company failed to perform proper screening of the driver. Determining liability can be complex and this is why victims should seek out the help of Davis & Brusca, a car accident lawyer Trenton, NJ families turn to.

If you are injured in an accident involving a Lyft driver, you may or may not have access to coverage under the company’s insurance policy.  For instance:

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As you can see from the information above, accidents involving Lyft driver can be complicated.  There are multiple factors to analyze to determine who is responsible for your injuries and losses, and where you may be able to turn for compensation. It is not uncommon for both insurance policies – the driver’s and the company’s – to try to deny liability and point the finger at the other. This is why you should have a Trenton, NJ Lyft accident lawyer advocating for you to ensure you get all of the financial compensation you deserve. To learn more, contact Davis & Brusca, LLC to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss what legal recourse you may have.




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