Injury Law Firm Trenton, NJ

Injury Law Firm Trenton, NJ

Injury Law Firm Trenton, NJAs an injury law firm Trenton, NJ , Davis & Brusca, LLC knows that folks who have suffered personal injury in an accident frequently wonder what they can do to help with their personal injury claim. Knowing what to do immediately following the accident is important.  Often, the best evidence of what happened is only available for a short time after the crash before it deteriorates or becomes degraded. Our team of skilled, caring personal injury lawyers Trenton, NJ are here to help you and are available to represent you for your personal injury case. We want to ensure that any evidence that can be saved is saved. Our Trenton, New Jersey injury law firm has a few recommendations on what you can do when it comes to gathering evidence for your claim. To speak with one of our attorneys about your claim, contact our office. 

The Scene of the Accident

If you need to be rushed to the hospital after the accident, it is unlikely that you had any time to take pictures or write down notes about the accident that occurred. In all likelihood, you will need to return to the scene to take pictures. Although, when possible, it is  best to take pictures right after the accident happened, you can still gather important evidence at a later tie. For example, you may be able to locate the area where the accident happened because of a hole in the pavement or you may find that the stop sign you did not see is covered by overgrown shrubs. It is important to gather as much evidence as possible, even if you are unsure of whether it will help your case. To see what kind of evidence is important, speak with one of Davis & Brusca’s team of top lawyers at our Trenton injury law firm.

Protecting the Physical Evidence

It is very valuable to protect physical evidence when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. For example, if you have clothes that have blood on them from the accident, don’t wash them without documenting their condition.  Pictures like this can be powerful evidence to show how severe your injuries were and where your injuries were located. All of this important when filing a claim. Or, if your car was totaled or severely damaged, don’t have it fixed before you take detailed photographs of the damage that was done. Bear in mind that the bumper covers on your car may conceal important physical damage which is only visible when the parts are disassembled.  Speak to the representatives at the body shop and ask them to tell you when they have taken the cover off so you can take pictures of this important “hidden damage.”

Taking pictures of evidence is one of the best things you can do.  Be sure to take images from multiple locations.  Use a smartphone if possible and be sure to enable the phone’s ability to automatically tag the location, the date, and the time. 

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