Identifying and Responding to Nursing Home Neglect

Neglect takes many forms. Our NJ nursing home neglect lawyer team can explain, in detail, how neglect occurs and how you may be able to effectively identify it and respond to it. For example, if your loved one’s care team insists that your loved one “just doesn’t want to talk” when you call to check in with them and your loved one has stopped attending social activities, they may be either withdrawing as a defensive mechanism or they may be compelled to disconnect from their community because they are being mistreated.

Not every sign of neglect—including significant weight loss, behavioral changes, bedsores, lack of hygiene, dehydration, and even use of restraints—is evidence that neglect is occurring. However, these red flags should be addressed with a seriousness of purpose. If your loved one is being neglected, your advocacy may be the only thing standing between them and continued suffering.

As a nursing home neglect lawyer, NJ residents trust can confirm, there are many different kinds of abuse that affect residents of long-term care facilities. Physical abuse of nursing home residents is widely reported on and generally understood. However, the public is less familiar with—and the press less focused one—neglect of nursing home patients, partially because this form of abuse is harder to spot in its early stages and is, thus, harder to confirm. Yet, true neglect of nursing home residents is no less insidious than the physical abuse of these individuals is. As a result, if you suspect that a loved one who resides in a nursing facility may be suffering as a result of neglect, it is important to connect with Davis & Brusca, LLC today to discuss your concerns.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer, NJ

You don’t need to know for sure that your loved one is being neglected before you connect with Davis & Brusca, LLC to discuss your concerns. Know that most loved ones are not in an easy position to confirm, with certainty, that their loved ones are being neglected as neglect is an issue that tends to develop over time and out of the sight of the nursing home resident’s family. Your loved one may even be denying that any neglect is occurring out of fear of retribution and/or “bothering” you. Depending on the nature of your concerns, we can discuss what investigating your loved one’s situation could entail.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you suspect that your loved one—who resides in a nursing home or other long-term care facility—is being neglected, it is important to schedule a confidential, risk-free consultation with the experienced Pennsylvania team at Davis & Brusca, LLC today. Speaking with us will not obligate you to take any action whatsoever. However, doing so will help to ensure that you can make informed decisions about your loved one’s situation. As your efforts could potentially prevent them from enduring additional suffering, it is vitally important that you connect with a NJ nursing home neglect lawyer at our firm today; don’t wait—call or reach out online now—we look forward to assisting you.