How can an overloaded truck cause an accident?

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As a truck accident lawyer Trenton, NJ trusts, we at Davis & Brusca can attest to the horrific consequences which frequently occur when semi-trucks are involved in a road accident. And when those trucks have been overloaded with cargo, or with imbalanced or otherwise poorly loaded cargo, the result can be especially catastrophic. Commercial truck companies and their drivers must comply with strict cargo regulations. They must operate within specific weight limits and follow various guidelines for loading and securing the cargo. Too much cargo, unbalanced loads or improper securement can lead to spilling of a load onto the roadway.  And even a shift in the load can be hazardous and increase the chances of an wreck.

How an Overloaded Truck Can Cause and Accident

There are many ways a truck crash can happen, one of which is having too much cargo on board, as a truck accident lawyer in Trenton, NJ can explain.  Overloading a truck can trigger a variety of crash scenarios, including:

Truck Rollover – According to the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (“AAAM”), errors in loading cargo are the leading cause for a truck to rollover. Too much cargo can raise the center of gravity or otherwise cause the load to be top heavy, making the truck prone to rolling over if a driver turns or conducts a maneuver at improperly high speeds. Anyone in the path of the truck could be seriously harmed.

Tire Blowouts – Improperly loading a truck can increase the stress on the tires or otherwise negatively effect how a truck moves on the roads.  Both scenarios increase the likelihood of a blow out.  When a tire blows out on a truck, the driver can easily lose control of the truck. Cars to the side, in front, and behind are in perilous conditions, as tire blowouts frequently lead to a rollover.

Falling or Spilling Cargo – If cargo on a truck is not secured properly, it could fly off or otherwise spill from the truck’s bed. Vehicles behind and to the side of the truck are at most risk for being hit with object. A motorcyclist is in even greater risk.  Impact with spilled cargo can easily result in a severe crash, and extensive injuries.


Injuries that Could Result from an Overloaded Truck Accident

An improperly loaded truck is a serious hazard.  Everyone on the roadway, including the truck’s driver, at risk for sustaining serious, if not fatal, injuries. As experienced Trenton, NJ truck accident lawyers, Davis & Brusca handles overloaded truck claims.  These crashes frequently produce serious injuries, such as:

When someone loses their life or sustains serious injury in a truck accident, it may be possible to file a claim for personal injury or wrongful death.   While the driver of the truck often shares responsibility for these crashes, if others unaffiliated with his/her employer loaded the truck it is possible that the driver may also have the right to assert a personal injury claim against the negligent party.


Filing a Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents are among the most deadly road accidents in the U.S. The outcomes of these collisions are often so bad that years of medical treatment will be needed. When the rules and regulations regarding cargo loading are ignored and someone else is harmed as a result, a personal injury claim may be filed against the negligent parties. Truck crash claims are not “typical” injury claims, and handling these cases properly can be difficult. Turning to an experienced Trenton, NJ truck accident lawyer, like Davis & Brusca, can help ensure your rights will be protected and your interests fully addressed.


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