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Reasons Car Accidents Happen

Roads can be dangerous, and unfortunately there are many accidents that are preventable. Drivers do not always pay attention to the road and conditions around them, and some even blatantly disregard the law, putting themselves and innocent lives at risk. As a trusted and highly qualified auto accident lawyer can tell you, like one at

Health Issues Arising from Automobile Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic thing to go through. Despite the laws and safety precautions that have been put into place for the roadway, studies show that car accident injuries still contribute to thousands of deaths across the nation annually. The occurrence of traffic accidents cannot be avoided altogether, as it

What Is A Gummy Smile Treatment?

Personal Injury Lawyers Are you one of those people who say they brush and floss regularly but still have a gummy smile? If so, you’re not alone. A gummy smile is a condition where too much gum tissue shows when you smile. It can be caused by genetics, misalignment of the top and bottom teeth,

Damages In Wrongful Death Cases - Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Damages In Wrongful Death Cases 

Wrongful Death Lawyer Damages in a wrongful death case can be hard to think about. Losing a loved one in a car accident is a tough situation to go through. It is also a situation where an experienced personal injury attorney is valuable to have in your corner. Wrongful death cases are complex cases that

Two Charged For Abuse In Pennsylvania Nursing Home

In late March, two men were indicted on 12 counts of abuse of nursing home residents where the two accused men were employed. According to reports, from 2016-2017, these men horrifically abused residents who had severe physical and mental disabilities. It’s believed that the accused intended to intentionally harm victims because of their disabilities, deeming

New Jersey Nursing Homes Struggle With Staffing

Chronic staffing shortages continue to be a problem across the country, and nursing homes are one of the most heavily hit industries. There are more Americans who aren’t working today than there were before the pandemic. This staffing crisis isn’t attributed to a lack of open positions in the country, but research has shown millions

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