Top Qualities To Look For In A Probate Attorney

Most Americans agree that having a final will and testament is very essential. A will can help lessen the burden on your family after you pass away or become incapacitated. However, while a will is very crucial, over half of Americans don’t have a will written, a truth that personal injury lawyers know all too well when they handle wrongful death cases. Unfortunately, without a will, it’s most likely your estate will go through the probate process. When a surviving family member, such as an heir, needs help with the probate process, that’s when an attorney can help, which is why this guide was put together. Here are five qualities to consider when naming a probate attorney to protect your assets and family in case you or your loved one passes away:

  1. The Right Experience

When hiring a probate lawyer, it’s best to choose an attorney armed with years of experience. While a fresh face might be the professional you want to hire, an attorney who has been around for years is likely to have more experience and expertise. However, experience alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Instead, be sure to look at the correct type of experience. In other words, if the attorney is successful at winning cases and providing their clients with favorable outcomes.

  1. If They Have Empathy

Losing a loved one is never easy, even when a family knows in advance their loved one is nearing the end. As such, you want an empathetic attorney who understands your needs. The right attorney will do their best to help you remain objective and complete the probate process, but will also know when to give you space and time to grieve.

  1. An Attorney With Perseverance

Selling estate and resolving conflicts like debt isn’t something you can complete overnight. Whether you’re dealing with a single and a couple of bank accounts or several properties and several accounts, the process takes time and patience. So you want an attorney who exhibits perseverance and always has your back no matter what. This perseverance means that you want an attorney you can call whenever you need them.

  1. They Have Enough Time 

You may have your eyes set on a potential attorney, but one problem may exist: their schedule is already full. Being an attorney is a challenging job, and many attorneys work overtime. Therefore, you want to hire an attorney who can devote enough time and energy to your case. The right professional lawyer will tell you immediately if they have enough time to handle your case or if you would be better off looking elsewhere.

  1. Effective Communication

Communication is a significant part of being an attorney. For probate law, an attorney must speak with clients, the executor, the court system, and potentially other parties like beneficiaries. You want an attorney that can quickly and concisely break down information in a way you can understand, especially difficult concepts. A professional attorney should always be willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have as well. A probate lawyer who knows how to communicate is vital—something our friends at the Theus Law Offices agree with.