Auto Accident Injury Law Firm Trenton, New Jersey

Auto Accident Injury Law Firm Trenton, New Jersey

Auto Accident Injury Law Firm Trenton, New JerseyAn auto accident injury law firm Trenton, New Jersey relies on like Davis & Brusca, LLC knows that when it comes to auto accident injury cases, just like people, they are unique. Although you may find similarities and patterns between different cases, each one will be slightly different and may go a different direction. That said, you can usually count on the fact that there are some steps that are going to be almost exactly the same and know that you can rely on a few factors as you consider how you want to pursue your personal injury claim. The car accident lawyer Trenton, NJ recommends is also here to help. Instead of attempting to pursue a car accident claim on your own, we recommend speaking with a member of our Trenton, NJ auto accident injury law firm to see how we can help you. We have worked in the auto accident injury business for many years and can walk you through the usual steps. Call our office to see what we can do for you. 

Step #1: Speak With Your Attorney

The first step in an auto accident injury claim is speaking with our Trenton, New Jersey auto accident injury law firm. You may choose to consult with many different attorneys until you land on the right one for your case, and believe it or not, finding the right attorney can be a mix of good chemistry, work ethic, and comfort. When you discuss what happened with your attorney, you should note things like:

This is good information to come prepared to discuss but your attorney will be able to lead your discussion so that they can understand exactly what happened. 

Step #2: The Investigation

Once you have met with your attorney, they will conduct an investigation. This means that they will be reviewing any medical and police reports that are available, interviewing witnesses who saw the accident, and returning to the scene of the accident to see if negligence was involved. Our New Jersey auto accident injury law firm may also utilize video surveillance if it is available to see the accident. This is an important phase in your personal injury case. 

Step #3: Filing the Claim

Your attorney will then file a claim against the negligent party stating your demands and showing how the accident caused you to become injured. Although there may be negotiation back and forth, if they do not accept your claim your attorney may encourage you to file a lawsuit. 

For more information on how we can help you with your auto accident claim, call the Trenton, New Jersey auto accident injury law firm Davis & Brusca, LLC now. 

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