What are my legal options if a defective motorcycle part caused my accident?

Do you have reason to believe that a defective motorcycle part failed and caused you or a loved one to sustain a serious injury in an accident?  Contact the NJ motorcycle lawyers at Davis & Brusca to discuss your options and your legal rights.   Prompt action from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is an important first step, and can protect the rights of riders who were injured through no fault of their own. Without effective legal representation, riders may fall victim a second time — this time to the manufacturers of defective parts and their insurance companies seeking to minimize payouts. 

The lawyers at Davis & Brusca believe that all negligent parties should be accountable for the harm they cause.  Manufacturers who produce defective products should be held responsible as well, but are well-equipped for the fight and will hire a team of lawyers to protect their bottom line. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help to protect your rights, but it’s critical that this process begins without delay.  Failure to contact a lawyer immediately often causes crucial evidence to be lost.  Don’t let this happen to your or your loved one.  Call today to schedule a free case review with a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer at Davis & Brusca and put our experience to work for you.

Determining the Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Liability

Product liability cases are complex and often difficult to pursue.  Thorough investigation conducted by an experienced team is critical to success.  Strong evidence must be assembled in order to prove a claim against the manufacturer of a defective product. This is a time consuming process which requires a great deal of effort and skill.  However, a successful injury claim can yield a significant recovery, covering your medical bills, compensation for lost wages or the loss of the ability to work, along with other injury-related damages.

Some of the ways in which your motorcycle accident lawyer may prove that the manufacturer is accountable for your injury include:

  • Use of expert analysis of the defective part to prove that an alternative design was feasible, practical, and likely would have prevented the accident that led to your injury.
  • Assembling proof of how the defect caused your specific accident or injuries.
  • Reconstructing the accident and demonstrating how it could have been avoided
  • Assembling reports from other consumers who have also experienced a failure of the same motorcycle part and which also resulted in losing control of the bike or other issues.
  • Gathering eyewitness testimony from those at the scene of the accident.
  • Assembling visual evidence of the accident and the events that led up to it. This might include video from traffic cameras, video and photographs taken at the scene by witnesses, yourself, or others who were involved in the accident.

Taking Legal Action

As the injured victim of a serious collision involving your motorcycle, your should expect your motorcycle accident lawyer to advise you fully of your legal options and make recommendations on a course of action. Every crash event is unique and the specific options available to you will depend on the circumstances of your accident.  Most motorcycle crashes do not arise from defective parts, but where they do the stakes may be considerably higher. Pre-suit settlements are rarely offered in such cases, and therefore your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit against the responsible manufacturer.  Due to the high costs and difficult in proving product defect, litigation against a manufacturer is only viable for serious injuries. For more information that will be specific to your circumstances, call for free consultation between yourself and an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg, the  Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer for their insight into personal injury claims and legal options for a defective motorcycle part.