West Chester Senior Living Community Engulfed by Fire

West Chester Senior Living Community Engulfed by Fire

On Thursday evening, a senior living community in West Chester, Pennsylvania became engulfed in flames. Due to the enormous fire, which occurred around 10:46 pm, nearly 20 residents sustained personal injuries, and numerous residents and staff needed to evacuate the buildings. Nine victims were transported to the Chester County Hospital while seven victims received treatment at the Paoli Memorial Hospital. Although no fatalities have been reported, residents were displaced from their homes. Officials will determine the cause of the fire.

Fires cause not only property damage, but endanger the occupants of the home or business, which may be especially traumatic for elderly individuals who may have ambulatory difficulties, and need assistance exiting a building that is on fire. Many times, victims may develop smoke inhalation sickness or sustain burn injuries, which may cause mental and physical trauma. An undetected electrical problem or an accident may be reasons for a fire to occur.

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