Nursing Home Injury Lawyer, NJ

Nursing Home Injury Lawyer, NJ

Nursing-Home-Injury-Lawyer-NJ-lawyer-writing-a-document.A nursing home injury lawyer in NJ understands that many families are forced to make the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home because they have reached the point where they can no longer live on their own and require round-the-clock care and assistance. Nursing home staff are responsible for helping residents with their personal hygiene tasks, such as showering and dressing, as well as making sure they take their medication, eat right, and participate in socializing. The law requires that these duties are carried out with both compassion and care.

But not all nursing home staff obey these laws and when they fail to comply, the results can be serious injury or even death for the elderly residents. An elderly resident who is not physically or mentally able to care for their own needs could forget to eat, take their medication, wander off the facility, or fall because no one is supervising them. It is critical for all families to be aware of any signs that could indicate that someone is abusing or neglecting their elderly loved one.

What Are the Warning Signs of Neglect or Abuse Families Should Look For?

There are a variety of ways that nursing home neglect can occur. Residents can be denied food and liquids, denied use of the bathroom facilities, or denied help to take care of their personal hygiene needs. The facility itself can be cluttered, unclean, or there could be environmental hazards, such as medical waste, not properly disposed of that could be dangerous for residents.

There are physical signs a resident may be a victim of nursing home abuse. Bedsores also referred to as pressure sores, are a common red flag that the resident is being neglected. An elderly resident who is not mobile relies on staff to reposition them on a regular basis in order to prevent these pressure sores.

Another sign that there is abuse or neglect going on is if the resident has unexplained injuries, such as abrasions, bruises, or lacerations. Fractures should also send up a warning that intervention is needed immediately.

What Are the Signs That a Resident May Be a Victim of Financial Abuse?

Nursing home residents are not only victims of physical or emotional abuse or neglect but can also be targeted for financial abuse. An NJ nursing home injury lawyer warns that the following signs are often indicators that something is wrong: 

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