Truck and Bus Accidents in NJ

Truck and Bus Accidents in NJ

Truck and Bus Accidents are different and require a lawyer with specialized skill and knowledge.  Mr. Davis is a dedicated expert who regularly represents truck crash victims throughout New Jersey, and he will aggressively pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

It is important that you contact an experienced truck accident lawyer, such as Mr. Davis, immediately after a truck crash.  Information and evidence vital to the success of your case can be lost or destroyed if immediate action is not taken to compel the trucking company to preserve it.  The lawyers for the trucking company will be notified of the crash and will be at the scene shortly after the accident gathering evidence.  You will have the best chance to achieve justice if you do the same.  When you retain Mr. Davis, he and his team will be able to visit the scene to preserve vital evidence, take photographs & measurements necessary to reconstruct the crash sequence, and to gather and preserve witness statements.  Taking this type of action immediately can be the key to proving the trucking company is responsible for the crash.

Tractor trailer & bus accidents are not the type of matter which should be trusted to “any” lawyer.  These industries are heavily regulated by specialized provisions of state & federal law which govern everything from hiring, licensing and qualification of drivers, to the amount of rest a driver must have and the maximum number of hours they may work, to proper loading and tie-down requirements, maintenance and inspection procedures, and much more. Mark W. Davis, Esq. is one of New Jersey’s premier truck accident lawyers and can tell you whether the violation of these laws and regulations contributed to your accident.  He has been consistently named as a New Jersey Super Lawyer, and has special expertise in handling these complex, heavily-defended cases.

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