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Slip And Fall Accidents: Factors And Injuries

Slip And Fall Lawyer

Most of us have probably tripped or lost our balance before. From time to time, we may hear stories about or witness people getting injured from slip and fall accidents. These are common occurrences, particularly for seniors and young children. Unfortunately, when such an incident happens, there are many types of injuries that can be sustained. But what turns an everyday trip up into something that may need legal intervention, is when an individual or party is responsible for it. As a slip and fall lawyer explains, slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere from sidewalks to parking lots, child playgrounds or schools, vacation rental properties, shopping malls, and any other unsafe location that you may find yourself in.

When people slip and fall, they are often too embarrassed to even consider who could have been at fault for it. Property owners have a duty of care to visitors and residents to keep the area reasonably free of hazards and dangers. But when a property owner fails to do so, seeking help from a personal injury law firm, such as Wandres Law, P.C., may be needed.

The physical effects from a slip and fall can range from minor bruising to sprains or spinal cord injuries, and more. This is why it’s important to get medical care right away, so any injuries receive treatment promptly. Many slip and fall accidents are avoidable. Some examples of common slip and fall causes include wet and uneven walking surfaces, poor weather, lack of staff training, stray electrical wires and cords, curled or torn carpets, nursing home neglect, broken or damaged handrails, lack of sufficient lighting, and footwear. As a property owner performs an examination of their property, they must take note of any of these factors and respond to them by addressing the problem as quickly as possible. Even if a property owner was not aware of a hazard, if they should have been, then they could still be liable.

Failing to install handrails, poor stocking of shelves and goods, failing to repair leaky appliances, not installing proper lighting, and so many other variables can contribute to someone being seriously injured. If you or someone you know has slipped and fallen at a property, it’s imperative to file a report with the appropriate person, whether that be a manager on duty at a store or the landlord for a rental property. If the land owner is not notified about the slip and fall then it can be more difficult for the person to get compensation for their medical care and other damages. In the event of a slip and fall, check yourself for injury, notify a person on duty at the time, get a medical check up the same day just in case, and then seek help from a lawyer if compensation is needed. By being informed about what causes slip and fall accidents and what to do if it does happen, a person can feel more empowered to report it and prioritize their health over anything else.