Recent Abuse Case in Chicago

Recent Abuse Case in Chicago

Are elderly patients being treated with the care they need?

Nursing Home AbuseHome health aides are tasked with caring for very vulnerable people – folks who typically suffer from cognitive impairments and have little to no short-term memory.  Technology is proving what we could only suspect in the past.  Now, with nanny cams, family members can monitor their loved one when they cannot be there.

A recent disturbing story from Chicago reported by Fox 32 illustrates how important these cameras can be.  It found:

“audio and video captured on the home surveillance camera is clear, capturing what is visibly a crime carried out against the elderly woman on Oak Valley Drive near Marsha Lane in west Houston. Memorial Villages Police Assistant Chief Ray Schultz says the video shows Brenda Floyd, 59, attacking the 94-year-old woman she was supposed to be taking care of.”

In New Jersey, these cameras are available through the attorney general’s office for free on loan.  If you are concerned about abuse and cannot afford the nanny cam, you can find information on getting one for free at:

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by Michael J. Brusca, Esq.

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