Personal Injurries Lawsuits Trenton, NJ

Personal Injury Lawsuits Trenton, NJ Personal Injury Lawsuits Trenton, NJ

When pursuing Personal injury lawsuits Trenton, NJ trust the legal team at Davis & Brusca to determine the right legal action to take. Contact Davis & Brusca, LLC now for assistance in navigating your NJ personal injury lawsuit. Our team of top NJ injury lawyers has a record of success.  Depending on the facts, we may be able to resolve your case without  a long, drawn-out legal process.   Contact Davis & Brusca today and schedule a consultation. Don’t wait.  Reach out to our legal team today. 

 Initiate Your Personal Injury Case

In the wake of an accident, victims are frequently left with severe injuries and other losses.  Injuries cause much more than physical pain; victims must often contend with a variety of hardships such as medical bills, property damage, assistive care needs, lost wages, and a “new way of life” that has completely changed. To ensure that you receive the help you deserve, it’s essential that you do the following: 

  1. Seek Medical Care:  It is imperative to seek medical care to have your injuries completely and properly diagnosed and treated after an accident.  Prompt care will insure that you recover as much and as quickly as possible, and will also provide vital evidence necessary to prove your case. 
  2. Do Not Discuss Fault at the Scene or with the Other persons’ Insurance Company: Whether you are speaking with the liable party, the insurance company, or law enforcement, it’s critical that you not discuss “fault.”  The other parties or their insurance company may attempt to twist your words or take statements out of context, and you have no obligation to speak with them.  And while you do have an obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company and with law enforcement, keep your statements to them factual.  Opinions should be saved for later, when all the facts are known and properly analyzed.  And, frequently, it is in your best interest to consult with your lawyer first or have a lawyer do the talking for you.
  3. Contact a Professional: You won’t want to manage your case without a personal injury lawyer Trenton, NJ. The team at Davis & Brusca can work closely with you to protect your rights and help you receive the best possible outcome.

While the time following an accident will undoubtedly be overwhelming while you focus on your recovery, taking immediate action will be critical. 

Reasons to Consider Our Team

Our practice is dedicated to helping those who have suffered injuries at the hands of others.  We know that you will be facing significant losses, which is why it will be critical that you take action by putting our legal experience and support to work fo ryou. Here are some reasons it may be in your best interest to consider our services: 

If you have been injured, you will need clear direction and a path forward. To learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you, schedule a consultation with our team of top New Jersey Injury Lawyers today. 

Don’t Delay to Take Action

If you have been injured, it’s critical to take action by contacting Davis & Brusca, LLC. We know that your plate is full with by just managing your injuries and following your doctors’ treatment recommendations. To learn more about whether a personal injury lawsuit is in your best interests, contact our Trenton, New Jersey team today. 


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