Nursing Home Attorney Trenton

Nursing Home Attorney Trenton

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Nursing Home Attorney TrentonWhen looking for a top nursing home neglect and abuse attorney, Trenton, NJ turns to the lawyers at Davis & Brusca. Why? Because we are committed to holding nursing home companies accountable when they abuse and neglect the elderly.  Our attorneys have long focused on this specialized area, and we have a national reputation for doing this work. We teach other attorneys to prosecute these claims.  

Understanding why the neglect and abuse occurs is important.  The vast majority of injuries occur when facilities go understaffed.  Because of understaffing, workers cannot supervise and care for the residents they are responsible for.  As a result, terrible, life altering, and life ending injuries occur.  Most of the injuries we see from neglect are death, bed sores, fractures, brain injuries, malnutrition and dehydration, and sicknesses that go undiagnosed until it is too late.

It is a well-known fact that understaffing is a significant root-cause of these injuries.   Medicare and Medicaid (a/k/a “CMS”) is the government entity which pays for most nursing homes in the country.  CMS specifically tracks staffing levels.  The government has done extensive studies on staffing levels and has specifically found that “There is considerable evidence of a relationship between nursing home staffing levels and resident outcomes.”  Further, the government’s studies have found “a clear association between nurse staffing ratios and nursing home quality of care, identifying specific ratios of staff to residents below which residents are at substantially higher risk of quality problems.”

Nursing home companies know this, but the greatest cost over which they have real control is their staffing.  So, when a nursing home company is looking to boost its profits, it is easy for them to cut back on staff.  This one area guarantees they will save money.  Unfortunately, this generally comes at the cost of safety and quality care.  And it is the residents who pay the price! 

The lawyers at Davis & Brusca concentrate on Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse claims.  And, the two most common injuries we see that are a result of neglect due to understaffing are falls and bed sores.  In the setting of an understaffed facility, falls generally occur because residents who require increased levels of supervision for safety cannot are neglected.  There simply aren’t enough staff members to supervise the residents in the facility.  Bed alarms may not be used despite being ordered, as the staff don’t want to be hearing them sounding constantly when they cannot hope to respond.  Even in cases where there are alarms to notify the staff when an at-risk resident has gotten up and is walking, they cannot get to them in time.  Similarly, bed sores often develop in understaffed facilities because there are not enough people to keep the residents clean and dry or to insure they are moved and repositioned people in bed every two hours.  People are left to sit for extended periods of time and endure the pain of holes forming in their skin, or to sit for extended periods in linens or adult diapers soiled by urine and feces.   The vast majority of both falls and bed sores are preventable with proper staffing.

Davis & Brusca has the skilled nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys Trenton, NJ trusts.  We understand how to uncover the truth behind the problems. It is typically not about individual nurses or CNAs, but about a corporation making staffing decisions knowing that there will be injuries.

Our clients have peace of mind, and know they have experienced advocates with a well-deserved national reputation fighting for them.  If you are in a position where your loved one has been injured or killed in a nursing home, rehab, assisted living facility, or group home, call us today.  Put our experience and expertise to work for you.  

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