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New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect Law Firm

New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect Law Firm

New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect Law Firm

There are many situations that can arise in which an elder care type of facility can be sued for harming a resident. Whether that incident occurred in a rest home, nursing home, convalescent home, rehabilitation facility, or somewhere else, a negligent company (and/or its negligent employees) can be held legally accountable for acts of abuse, neglect, recklessness, or negligence when those acts lead to harm.

If you are concerned that your senior loved one’s injury may have been caused by careless staff at an elder care facility, now is the time to speak up and to ask an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer NJ residents trust for answers to any questions you may have about your options. The legal team at Davis & Brusca is always available to help family members who are concerned about the wellbeing of their elderly loved ones as a result of possible abuse and/or neglect. 

Cases of Neglect, Negligence, and Abuse

There are an unlimited number of ways that a senior resident can suffer from an accident, intentional harmful actions, or negligence on behalf of the nursing facility and/or staff. Sadly, cases of negligence and abuse are more common than many people realize. It can be immensely painful to realize that the home you placed your senior loved one into turned out to be a place that doesn’t have your loved one’s best of interests at heart. Our New Jersey nursing home neglect law firm can help you hold the responsible parties accountable and can help you seek compensation for the harm that your loved one has suffered.

Here are just a few examples of how nursing home abuse and neglect can happen: 

Failing To Keep Area Free of Hazards and Safe

An elderly care facility must keep the premises reasonably free of hazards and safe for both the residents and visitors. If the staff are aware of broken machinery, debris on the floor, or something else that puts others in jeopardy but then they fail to attend to that hazard and someone is hurt as a result, they can be found guilty of negligence. The same thing goes for managers and supervisors who know about a hazard but don’t fix it within a reasonable timeframe or to the fullest extent. 

Poor Hiring of Nursing and Care Staff

Nursing home facilities may have not done a thorough background check before hiring abusive, negligent, or otherwise careless staff. If any staff members end up harming a patient, the facility may have to face the consequences of this decision if the victim and/or their family files a civil lawsuit. Failing to sufficiently train and oversee nurses or other care staff may be a factor in such suits. You don’t have to know right now whether these challenges may have contributed to your loved one’s injury. Our New Jersey nursing home neglect law firm can investigate and advise you of your options accordingly. 

Not Providing Proper Medical Care

A doctor who takes care of a senior resident may commit negligence if they provide a standard of care that is much lower compared to what the average doctor does within the medical community. An incident of poor medical care may turn into a serious medical malpractice lawsuit if the resident and/or their family suspects something is awry. Examples of ways that a doctor may fail to properly care for a senior patient include:

No matter what the unique circumstances of your situation may be, our New Jersey nursing home neglect law firm will be more than happy to help you make an informed decision about your legal options. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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