Understand the Types of Damages

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Following a motor vehicle accident you might have a number of concerns and worries about how you will cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. At John K. Zaid & Associates, we would like to talk with anyone who has sustained moderate to serious or life threatening injuries in a motor vehicle accident. For a consultation with an MVA attorney in Houston, TX, please call our firm now. 

Understand the Types of Damages

If you have been injured by the actions of someone else, then it is natural to desire compensation. The most common way to receive compensation is through a personal injury claim. However, this raises the question of what damages you are entitled to recover through a claim. The law guarantees that an individual receive compensation for every expense related to the injury, without exception. Essentially, the goal of a personal injury suit is to return you to the financial situation you were in prior to the injury. This guide will go into the general details of the damages that are often involved in personal injury claims. It will be in your best interest to consult an auto accident lawyer Houston, TX residents trust for personalized information and advice. 

There are three types of damages you should know about, these include:

Special Compensatory Damages

The first and most common type of damage is called special compensatory damages. It is nearly guaranteed that every personal injury case will include these types of damages.Typically, as an MVA attorney in Houston, TX might explain, they include everything that has a specific and set monetary value.For example, if you had an expense for $1,000, then this expense falls into this category of damages at exactly $1,000 and no more or less. Special compensatory damages often include:

  • Hospital bills
  • The purchase of medicine
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Miscellaneous purchases
  • More 

Remember that only expenses that were the direct result of the injury can typically be claimed in a personal injury claim. An MVA attorney Houston, TX has to offer will likely want to see all of your related medical bills, invoices, and pay stubs to verify your losses and ensure they are included in the case. 

General Compensatory Damages

The other very common type of damages in personal injury suits are general compensatory damages. This refers to all losses that do not have an objective monetary value. Essentially, if a loss is considered to be more or less subjective, then it likely falls into this category. The courts may rule that you are due compensation for emotional trauma, physical pain, loss of ability, and other losses. Sometimes even things like divorce or loss of enjoyment can be included if they were the result of the injury. Because there is not a set monetary value, your  MVA attorney in Houston, TX, along with others involved in the case, may decide how much the defendant owes in compensation.

Punitive Damages

The final category is punitive damages. While it is possible for punitive damages to be a part of a personal injury case, it is very rare. Unlike the previous two types of damages, punitive damages are not a type of compensation. Instead, it is meant to punish the defendant. For this reason, punitive damages are only assigned when the defendant acted maliciously or especially irresponsibly. For example, someone who drove while intoxicated might be assigned punitive damages as punishment. To learn more about which damages will likely apply in your case, speak with an MVA attorney in Houston, TX from John K. Zaid & Associates