Managing Abuse And Neglect Cases In Nursing Homes

Our nursing home injury lawyer NJ residents have come to rely on should be one of the first calls made by victims and their family members following injuries that were sustained in nursing homes. Ensuring safety and seeking medical care will be a top priority for family members of loved ones. Soon after, victims may set their sights on pursuing legal action against the negligent party for the damages and physical pain they have suffered. Know that it’s possible to gain compensation after a nursing home injury. However, enduring the legal process can be particularly stressful, and leave victims and family members with several questions regarding nursing home abuse, what went wrong, and the legal process to follow. Fortunately, assistance from a firm like Davis & Brusca, LLC can answer the numerous questions you will have and provide a clear, solid legal strategy for how to move forward. 

What are common signs of abuse in nursing homes?

When someone you love is dependent upon nursing home care, family members need to ensure their safety by being able to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse. The following can be warning signs of a problem:

  • Unexplained Injuries
  • Changes in Mood
    • Irritability
    • Withdrawn
    • Depressed
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Signs of Overmedication
  • Torn Clothing or Bed Sheets
  • Malnutrition/Dehydration
  • Access to Your Loved One has been Restricted

What should I do if nursing home abuse is suspected?

If you suspect your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse or neglect, it’s critical to take immediate action to prevent further harm from coming to them. If you have concerns, speak with the nursing home administration and staff to voice concerns. A nursing home injury lawyer in NJ can share that; sometimes, there may be an explanation depending on the circumstances. Attempt to gain additional information from your loved one; they may be able to shed light on the care they are receiving. However, consider whether they are withdrawn or become agitated; this could signify a severe problem that needs to be addressed. If you are sure there is abuse, secure the safety of your loved one by contacting law enforcement and ensuring your loved one receives prompt medical attention. It’s also essential to report nursing home abuse to the New Jersey Department of Health; they may be able to help investigate the suspected abuse. 

What damages is the victim eligible for due to nursing home abuse?

Nursing home abuse cases involve similar damages to other personal injury claims. There are two types of damages in these cases:

  1. Economic Damages: Tangible losses from the abuse include medical expenses, lost wages (if any), stolen property, etc.
  2. Non-Economic Damages: These are more difficult to calculate because they are often less tangible and may include pain and suffering, emotional suffering, loss of consortium, etc.  

How can I find a trustworthy nursing home to care for my loved one?

Entrusting another to care for your loved one can be a tough decision; chances are, it was made because it was the best decision for all involved. However, when abuse occurs in a nursing home, it can be especially challenging to consider trusting another facility to care for your loved one. To ensure that abuse doesn’t happen again, it’s essential to take the time to find a suitable facility for your loved one. Here are some guidelines that may help when searching for a new nursing home:

  • Visit nursing homes (more than one time)
  • Research prospective facilities
  • Observe staff and administration during the visit
  • Discuss specific health needs of your loved one and ask administrators how they would care for them
  • Ask people you know for recommendations
  • Consider contacting your local ombudsman’s office to learn more about prospective facilities

Abuse in nursing homes is something that no person should be subject to. Unfortunately, abuse in care facilities is more commonplace than many realize, and it’s suspected that many cases of abuse and neglect go largely unreported. To learn more about how to take legal action, consider speaking with Davis & Brusca, LLC regarding how to proceed with your case.