How To Defend Yourself Against Slip and Fall Accusation

Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall AttorneyIf you have ever been in a slip and fall accident, then you know how it can be so traumatizing. The pain and the agony that comes with such an experience is enough to send one into depression.

Now, imagine if someone sues you for compensation after the incident. You would not only be forced to shoulder their medical expenses but also pay for the inconvenience that they suffered. Don’t take this lying down if you are innocent of wrongdoing. Consult with a skilled slip and fall attorney from David & Philpot, P.L. immediately.

How Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Business owners and property management companies are responsible for maintaining safe premises for their employees and visitors. If they fail to provide a safe environment — or if they know about an unsafe condition but don’t take steps to remedy it — they can be held liable if someone is hurt on their property.

In order to prove that the owner is liable for your injuries, you must be able to show that:

  • The owner or manager knew about the hazardous condition that caused your injury
  • The owner did not do anything to warn visitors about the hazard or fix it
  • As a result of the unsafe condition, you were injured

If you are a victim of slip and fall injury because of someone else’s negligence, there are some steps you need to take:

Here are tips on how to defend yourself against slip and fall accusations:

Claiming That You Were at Fault for Your Accident

The property owner can try to argue that your actions caused your accident. They can say that you were distracted while walking, or that you were wearing shoes that were not appropriate for the terrain/weather conditions. You should never admit fault for your accident, as this may be used against you when seeking compensation for your injuries. Instead, contact a slip and fall attorney immediately to make sure you are protected.

Do Not Wait for Too Long

You should act fast after such an incident happens. If you are wrongly accused of causing someone’s slip and fall, then you need to hire a slip and fall attorney from day one. This slip and fall attorney should be able to represent your interests in court when the case finally kicks off.

The Lawyer Should Visit the Accident Scene

Your attorney may not have witnessed the accident scene personally and this is why he/she needs to visit the scene themselves. It will enable them to appreciate all factors that led to the accident and help them come up with a solid defense strategy. Your legal representative should get in touch with witnesses as well so as to establish that you were not at fault.

Slip and Fall accidents, crime and negligence lawsuits can be costly. Oftentimes, the risk of a slip and fall accident is lowered if you take some precautionary measures. The steps to avoid slip and fall accidents inevitably vary depending on where and under what conditions you are walking. For example, if there is unnatural precipitation or something that obstructs your view of the floor, then you are more vulnerable to slip and fall accident claims. That’s why an experienced slip and fall attorney from David & Philpot, P.L. is always a good idea.