Health Care Aide Left Elderly Woman in Hot Car in Raritan

Health Care Aide Left Elderly Woman in Hot Car in Raritan

Spotted by a police officer only after it was too late

 Nursing Home Lawyers NJA home health care aide left an elderly woman in her car during a hot day in Raritan Township, New Jersey. Around 3:32 pm, on Monday, August 21, a police officer spotted the 93-year-old woman sitting in the hot car with no keys inside at a parking lot near the Flemington Marketplace. There was no sign of her health care aide who was supposed to be taking care of her. The Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue squad evaluated the woman, who had signs of dehydration, and arranged for transportation to the Hunterdon Medical Center to treat her condition. Once found, the health care aide was arrested, and subsequently given a pending court date.

When medical professionals and caregivers are assigned to take care of elderly patients, their focus must remain on the well-being of their patients. If patients are mistreated and neglected, caregivers are liable for failing to provide proper care for their patient and may be charged with negligence. Unfortunately, the prevalence of elder abuse and negligence continues to grow in alarming proportions, partially due to the lack of training caregivers receive as well as the inadequate pay, and long, stressful hours they endure at work.

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