Dangerous & Defective Products

Dangerous & Defective Products

“Product Liability” is the area of the law which deals with dangerous and defective products.  A company which makes a product has a responsibility to insure its products are reasonably safe for their intended and foreseeable uses.  If the product is unreasonably dangerous due to an unsafe design, a manufacturing defect or a failure to provide proper warnings, it is considered “defective” and the company is accountable for any harm caused by that product.

Virtually any product can be “defective” depending on the facts.  This means that anything from a piece of industrial equipment, to a medical device, or even toys or household goods can be unreasonably dangerous and cause serious injury, often with life-changing or even fatal consequences.  Product manufacturers are generally large corporations with significant resources, who will vigorously defend even the clearest of cases.  New Jersey’s product liability law is complex and requires specialized representation.  Without the help of an experienced product liability attorney, like Mark W. Davis, Esq., you are unlikely to achieve a just outcome from your injury.

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