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Damages In Wrongful Death Cases 

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Damages in a wrongful death case can be hard to think about. Losing a loved one in a car accident is a tough situation to go through. It is also a situation where an experienced personal injury attorney is valuable to have in your corner. Wrongful death cases are complex cases that include in-depth analysis as to who the surviving heirs are to the deceased. Wrongful death cases start out with an attorney investigating who survived the deceased and who should recover any damages for the fault of the other driver. 

Types of Damages In a Wrongful Death Case

A question that is always asked by the heirs in a wrongful death case is what types of damages can they recover. Typically in wrongful death cases, the damages are very similar to regular car accident cases. However, instead of the damages being paid to the deceased, they are put into the estate of the deceased and then issued out to the surviving heirs. Depending on what type of damages the heirs are entitled to depend on the circumstances of the death. 

Depending on whether the deceased died with or without a will, the heirs can generally recover several types of damages. Specifically, if the deceased did not pass away in a quick manner, the heirs may recover damages for pain and suffering that the deceased experienced before death. On the other hand, if the deceased’s death was sudden, those damages are generally not recovered. Heirs are also generally entitled to funeral expenses and costs to cover medical bills if the deceased went to the hospital prior to death. 

Other damages heirs are entitled to include damages for lost companionship, loss of support, and other damages related to the relationship between the deceased and the heirs. Generally speaking, if the deceased was younger and had a son or daughter, the damages are usually greater given that the deceased had a longer life expectancy. If the deceased was much older at the time of death, damages are usually lower as the life expectancy was not as long. Life expectancy correlates with companionship and loss of support as the deceased would not have been in the heir’s life for as long prior to death. 

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Wrongful death cases are certainly complex cases that include investigation and a deep understanding of the case. Hiring an experienced lawyer, like a wrongful death lawyer can bring you comfort in knowing that your case is being handled with care. Contact an experienced attorney today to ensure that you proper damages in a wrongful death case.