Construction Accidents too Common

Construction Accidents too Common

Thousands of construction workers are seriously injured or killed each year at construction sites in New Jersey. And the sad truth is that most of these accidents are preventable.  General contractors and construction companies are required by federal (OSHA) guidelines, industry safety standards and various NJ state laws to conduct regular inspections and to implement safety measures.  Unfortunately, these safety measures are routinely ignored by companies who are more concerned about getting the work done quickly than insuring their labor force is kept safe.  As a result, despite the number of safety regulations, construction workers remain at greater risk of suffering a life-altering work-related injury or death than virtually any other industry.

When a construction accident is caused by the careless or negligent behavior of someone other than your direct employer, you may have the right to hold those parties accountable.  This means you may have rights to compensation, in addition to worker’s compensation, to address the crippling economic losses which stem from your inability to work, as well as for your pain, suffering and permanent disability, or for the wrongful death of your spouse or loved one.  You need the help of an experienced, aggressive construction lawyer like Mark W. Davis, Esq, to help you sort through the various contractors and identify whether there is a person or company who is not immune from suit and is accountable for the injuries you have suffered.

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Mr. Davis has devoted his career to protecting the rights of the injured.  He has extensive experience in dealing with the complexities of the labor laws and safety regulations which apply to construction accidents.  Let him put his experience to work for you.

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