Truck and car involved in truck accident

Common Misconceptions About Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents Lawyers

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. It’s important to learn the facts about these accidents so that you know your rights. You do not want to miss out on the compensation you deserve.

Here are the most common misconceptions about truck accidents.

Truck Drivers Sustain As Serious Of Injuries As Passenger Vehicles

This is one of the most common myths about truck accidents. As a Santa Monica, CA truck accident lawyer can confirm, drivers of passenger vehicles actually have a much higher risk of suffering life-threatening injuries than truck drivers in an accident. Truck drivers have the protection of a very large truck, so they are less likely to sustain as serious of injuries as drivers of passenger vehicles.

Truck Drivers Follow the Same Traffic Laws as Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Truck drivers are actually required to follow stricter traffic rules than drivers of passenger vehicles. For instance, truck drivers may have to drive at lower speed limits on some roads than drivers of passenger vehicles. They also have to have lower blood alcohol levels and have to limit their time behind the wheel. Licensing and state laws mean that truck drivers are held to a higher standard than passenger vehicle drivers.

Truck Accidents Only Happen On Highways

Another common misconception about truck accidents is that they only occur on highways or interstates. Our friends at Cohen Legal can tell you that while highways are high-risk areas for truck accidents, they can occur on any road, regardless of its size or location. This is because truck drivers must navigate a variety of road conditions, including tight turns, narrow streets, and steep inclines. These make it challenging to safely operate a large commercial vehicle. Additionally, trucks are often involved in accidents in densely populated urban areas, where they must share the road with other vehicles and pedestrians.

Truck Drivers Are Too Experienced to Get Into Accidents

It is true that truck drivers have to go through a stringent training process before getting behind the wheel. However, that does not mean that the most experienced and qualified truck drivers can’t make mistakes. For example, they may drive above the speed limit to deliver their goods on time or give into distractions.

Truck Drivers Are The Only Liable Party

It is frequently assumed that the truck driver is the only liable party in an accident. The truth is, however, that there can be multiple liable parties. Trucking companies are also frequently held responsible for accidents. For example, if a trucking company forced a truck driver to drive for too many hours and they caused an accident, the trucking company may be held liable.

You Do Not Need A Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident claims can be complicated personal injury claims. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced truck accident lawyer. A lawyer will know how much your case is worth and help you gather evidence to prove your demands. They will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and hold all of the liable parties accountable.