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A brain injury does not need to be catastrophic to have a devastating impact on one’s life.  Even a mild or moderately severe brain injury can produce a variety of deficits that interfere with the victim’s quality of life.  For example, the injury may impact their ability to compete as they formerly could at work or at school.  It may cause the person to withdraw socially because they are unable to focus enough to sustain a conversation.  Even simple activities which were previously enjoyed, like reading or watching TV, may become a source of frustration due to residual problems with memory or focus.  In short, there really is no such thing as a “mild” brain injury, and anyone who has sustained a brain injury in an accident caused by a negligent party should contact a brain injury attorney to see if they have any legal recourse.

Concussions are receiving renewed attention these days thanks to the brave NFL players who shed light on the serious effects these arguably “mild” brain injuries can cause long-term.  Concussions are not only associated with contact sports, like football, however.  They are also a very commonly suffered injury from car crashes.  Difficulties concentrating, focusing, attending, and even chronic headaches are reported by concussion victims long after the injury may appear to be “healed.”  The more severe the injury, the more pronounced the symptoms.  For instance, with moderate or severe brain injury, the victims may even end up losing motor function or even slip into a coma.

In order to determine the severity of a brain injury, victims will generally undergo diagnostic testing, such as a CAT scan and MRI.  “Mild” injuries will not show up on this type of scanning and therefore many brain injury victims need to consult with a neurologist and/or a neuropsychologist before their diagnosis is made. A neurologist specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the brain and nervous system. A neuropsychologist specializes in the relationship between the brain and behavior and can determine the extent of the victim’s injury and how it is affecting them by performing a complex series of test-batteries to assess how well the various areas of the brain are functioning.

Common Side Effects from Brain Injuries

The following are some of the more frequent that the brain injury attorneys at Davis & Brusca have seen:

Sleep Issues: It is not uncommon for a brain injury victim to report that their sleep patterns are disturbed.   Many find it difficult to fall asleep and, when they finally do, they are only able to sleep for a few hours at a time.  This leads to chronic sleep deprivation, which is frustrating for the victim’s family as well, as it impacts upon mood, motivation, energy, and can cause other symptoms to worsen because the body (including the brain) needs sleep in order to recover.  

Trouble with Concentrating and Thinking: Many mild and moderate brain injuries cause cognitive difficulties for the victim. This can result in them reporting issues with their memory, their awareness of where they are, losing track of what they are doing mid-stream, impaired problem solving skills, impaired self-awareness, and other “thinking skills.”

Becoming Easily Irritable: Increased irritability is often a result of the other two common issues, lack of sleep, impaired brain function (those “thinking skills”), and depression over the changes in their lives or the frustration from their inability to recover. What was previously a “routine task” may become difficult or impossible. And anyone who has suffered mild bouts of insomnia can attest at how frustrating it can be to not be able to sleep. Victims also become agitated easily because of the different way family and friends may be treating them since they have been injured.

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