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New Jersey Brain Bleed Lawyer

Brain injuries are amongst the most devastating injuries a person can experience.  In Nursing Homes, the most common form of brain injury arises from a brain bleed.  This can be triggered by an acute hemorrhage caused by a fall, even if there is no direct blow to the head.  Many nursing home residents are on blood thinners, such as Warfarin, which increase their risk for sudden bleeds even without trauma.  Hemorrhagic stroke is one form of brain bleed which may present without the obvious stroke signs (partial facial paralysis or drooping, etc.) that we commonly look for.  In fact, sometimes the only warning signs of a bleed are sudden, unexplained changes in behavior or mental awareness.  Brain bleeds of all forms must be treated as a medical emergency.  Prompt  assessment in a hospital can make the difference between life and death.  Failure by a nursing home to transfer a resident to the hospital for immediate medical evaluation can literally kill them.  O

If your loved one has experienced a brain bleed in a nursing home, contact the New Jersey brain bleed lawyers at Davis & Brusca, LLC for a free, no obligation evaluation.  Our lawyers are amongst the top brain bleed lawyers in New Jersey.  We are here to help you.


What Are the Different types of brain injuries?

While there are many ways the brain can be injured, they can be broken down into two (2) broad categories:  1) Traumatic brain injuries; and 2) Acquired brain injury.

The causes of traumatic brain injuries are generally fairly obvious.  Examples include impact injuries (such as when your head hits an object with force) or penetrative injuries (such as when an object penetrates the skull).  An accident, such as a fall or a car accident, may produce either type.  A penetrative brain injury may also occur where an object falls from above, piercing the skull and entering a brain.  Blunt trauma may cause trauma to the brain when the brain literally slams against the walls of the skull causing damage to the areas of impact and tension injuries to the brain tissue within the brain (causing axonal injuries) or a concussion.  

Acquired brain injuries typically involve death of brain cells, most commonly caused by oxygen deprivation such as anoxia, hypoxic brain injury, etc.  Exposure to certain substances, such as drugs or chemicals, can also produce acquired brain injuries.


How do brain injuries affect your daily life?

Fortunately, brain injuries are relatively rare.  Most people have never had a brain injury themselves, and many have never met anyone who has suffered a brain injury.  As such, the vast majority of people have no direct knowledge of how brain injuries can affect a person’s daily life.  A NJ brain breed lawyer, such as Davis & Brusca, LLC, can help build the evidence needed to “tell the story” of a brain injury victim.  This is a critical component of a brain injury lawsuit.  Brain injuries cause different effects for different people depending on the area of the brain which was damaged and the extent of the damage.  Some people have memory problems which can be hidden from all but those who know them best.  Others may lose the ability to see, speak, talk, walk, etc. 

In most instances, a serious brain injury will produce life-long effects which may impact the family as well as the victim.  Extreme emotional volatility,  profound depression, physical and mental impairments, are all possible.  Some brain injuries can be overcome or mitigated via therapy, others cannot be remedied.  Extensive, and potentially life-long, medical care may be needed.  For all these reasons, victims of brain injuries which were caused by the negligence of others should seek the assistance of a skilled brain injury lawyer, such as the lawyers of Davis & Brusca, LLC.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain bleed or other brain injury, contact a brain bleed lawyer in New Jersey  from Davis & Brusca today.  We can help.

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