Recalled products in May 2021

A food recall is defined as “action taken to remove from sale, distribution and consumption foods which may pose a safety risk to consumers. Food recalls may be initiated by the manufacturer, distributor, or a government agency. In most cases, recalls are done voluntarily by the manufacturer or distributor of a product. In most cases

Auto Accident Attorney Indianapolis, IN

There are many different types of auto accidents, all ranging in various amounts of severity. Motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, and accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists all fall under this category of personal injury law. If you or someone you love was injured in an auto accident, contact an auto accident attorney Indianapolis, Indiana

Common Types of Car Accidents

Anytime you support the wheel of a car, you are accepting a risk. As the leading reason for injury and fatality in America, automobile accidents can happen in practically any circumstance and can be triggered by countless factors. Although there are numerous distinct forms of car accidents, there are a few general types of mishaps

Traffic Lawyer

Why Is Negligence Significant in Traffic Injury Cases? Does an injury ever come at a convenient time? What about one that is due to someone else’s mistake? When it comes to getting medical care, an injured party may want to consider whether the incident that led to the injury may qualify under a traffic injury

A Light on the Horizon

After a terrible year in long-term care, many states are now reporting that their cases and deaths are dropping according to the AP: This is truly welcome news. COVID-19 was responsible for approximately 153,000 death in long-term care. 36% of the total pandemic mortality rate was due to death in long-term care. Further aggravating


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