Bicycle Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

Bicycle Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you need the help of an experienced lawyer in finding the answers to some rather serious questions.  For example:  Who will pay for your medical bills or for the damage to your bicycle?  The driver, or possibly even the police, unfairly blamed you for the crash.  Given this, do you still have the right to compensation for the injuries you have sustained? And how can you overcome the negative biases which members of the non-cycling public have against bicyclists?  As an avid cyclist, Mark W. Davis, Esq., understands, first hand, the hazards cyclists face every day.  He is an expert at handling bicycle accident cases, and can help you navigate every aspect of the difficult process you face after a serious bicycle accident.

Mr. Davis has extensive knowledge of the municipal ordinances and laws governing cyclists and the interactions between cyclists and motor vehicles.  He handles all types of bicycle injury cases, including car vs. bicycle collisions, “dooring” events, as well as crashes caused by dangerous roadway conditions and defective bicycle components.

Bicycle and motorcycle crashes are unique and require specialized experience.  The injuries are generally severe and often catastrophic. Public perception bias greatly impacts these cases and causes insurance companies to defend vigorously, whether it is justified or not.  Motorcyclists deal with these same issues, and are also frequently confronted with limited access to health or medical insurance to cover the expenses associated with treating their injuries.  Mr. Davis understands the needs and issues faced by riders and cyclists, and will fight to achieve the results you and your family need.

Mr. Davis doesn’t just help injured cyclists & riders, he is devoted to the promotion of bicycle safety and safe-streets initiatives which benefit children and adults alike.  He is actively involved in bicycling advocacy and has represented & counseled scores of cyclists & riders over the course of his 23 year career. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, call Davis & Brusca to speak to a bicycle accident lawyer in Princeton at 609-786-2540 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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